How to dress for an interview with the employer?

Between us, teapots, I want to inform you that, from now on, you will be able to receive a portion of completely free everyday tricks with the assistance of your humble servant. Today's simple tricks we devote to the topic of unemployed dummies. The trick of a teapot: As they say, there is a merchant for every product, and for every unemployed person there is an employer.

How to negotiate, or the Art of a cunning leader

The first and, perhaps, the main skill of leading in a conversation is the imperceptible interception of the initiative and the skillful direction of the conversation in the direction you want. Therefore, the first trick will be called interceptor. It consists in questioning what the person says. That is, ask, is it?

What are portfolio and recommendations?

We repeat once again that you must not excuse yourself from anyone. Report information - yes. Correctly answer questions - yes. But you should not feel guilty for changing the place where your professional skills are applied. Adjust yourself to the fact that a new job is an opportunity for you to grow.

How to build a job interview, or a good legend - the success of employment

The fact is that, despite the personal predilections of the “work of the givers”, the topics they are interested in usually do not differ in their particular diversity. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to prepare. So, let's start and announce question number one: “Why did you leave your previous job?”, The employer asks us, with obvious implication “If you are so smart, then why are you sitting without work?

What should an employer do to a fired employee?

Recently, we have repeatedly thought about what to do in order to get a job. Today we will go further and, having missed the moment of holding the post, let us imagine that you have already been fired. But you accepted resignation, found positive sides in it and are ready to shake off the dust from your feet and look for a new job or, on the contrary, indulge in idleness.

What is a "successful" appearance?

By the way, cigarettes must also be expensive. Anyway, if you smoke in public. At home you can do without the Golden Java. But on the decorations you can save. People with taste do not put their diamonds on public display. On the contrary, do not try to fasten all the jeweler-trade rings and chains on you.

How to dress for public speaking?

So, the visual vibration. It turns out that some colors and patterns of fabrics, brilliant metal in jewelry and eyeglass frames, make-up of bright tones cause an undesirable effect. This feature should be taken into account if you have to appear on television, on stage and in general during any public appearance.

How to make a career, or the Art of catching luck

It turns out that for some career-oriented people, crisis moments in a company can be interesting and even useful. The fact is that it is precisely at these points of fractures and significant changes in the company's activities that such people can reach a completely different class of tasks, state their capabilities and show their productivity.

How to communicate with the authorities?

The first one will be called the Egghead. It is completely impossible to communicate with the heads. Balsam them for the soul - is someone to teach yes peststat. And so the hobby of these chiefs is to argue and cling to the words of the interlocutor. And the latter is forced to enter into a verbal competition. And only this is necessary for the boss to start catching the unfortunate applicant on contradictions, and thus demonstrate his intelligence.

How to ask for a raise?

Most people do not ask for a promotion for fear of being refused, because of insecurity, because they do not know what to do in case of failure. What can be said to these timid careerists? Try it. This is an old and tried and tested way of increasing. Especially since, exclusively for the timid, we have prepared several "universal tricks of the request for a promotion."

How to dress stylishly?

The best option you can imagine is calfskin suspenders with suede tips and fasteners. But those can not be found in the afternoon with fire, so pick up something simpler from the "textiles". The most fashionable at the moment are considered suspenders on the buttons, and they keep much better.

How to speak on the phone, or Hello, you can not hear!

So, going through all the ways to search for work, which were described in earlier releases, you find the cherished phone number. The number by which you call, as you think, almost automatically falls into the number of employees of the company that owns this phone. In short, the matter is small - a telephone conversation with the employer.

How to talk on the phone?

Firstly, it should be borne in mind that the customer calling on the case is always tense. And because of the deprivation of the usual reliance on visual perception - incredibly "eared." The slightest shades of intonation, timbre, and rhythm of speech are caught. Such that never pay attention when communicating face to face. As a result, for the first 10–20 seconds, an image of a partner is formed — the person who receives the call.

What are business women?

And the first type will be called Yabeda. This wicked woman, it seems, came to the service not for the purpose of professional development. She is eager to fight with the world, intrigue and blood. The joyless childhood and even more unhappy youth pissed her into the whole world. She hates not only men, but also women, including herself.

What types of office colleagues do you know?

Most likely, she settled on a pull, being someone's daughter or even a granddaughter. Incompetent, terribly insecure and absolutely neurotic person. She is afraid of everything in the world - cockroaches, natural disasters, land transport and future changes. Perhaps it was about people like her that our contemporary poet once said: "I was afraid of cars, mice and men."

How to protect yourself from women at work?

And the first type, emerging before our eyes, will be called such a well-established concept with respect to women, as “Predator”. Tenacious and far from foolish, she seeks to "break out into people" with the help of persistence and cunning. Usually keen on finding a wealthy husband or a rich lover. All relationships are built on the basis of career and mercantile considerations.