How to deal with telephone blackmail?

What is there to do? The main thing that needs to be done is to find out the identity that lurked at the opposite end of the wire. And, finding out, fix this fact in the police. The most ideal case is if you have the automatic number identifier installed, but I dare to think that you simply do not have any determinant.

How to determine your temperament, or If you have a "triangle" name - the name is supported by your deeds!

Quickly, without thinking, choose one of the five proposed figures (square, rectangle, triangle, circle, zigzag), which you liked more. And now ... listen to the characteristics of people who have chosen this or that figure. So square. Such qualities as diligence, diligence, the need to bring the work started to the end, perseverance to achieve completion of the work correspond to him - this is what the true Squares are famous for.

How to behave like a hostage, or Tricks of a non-professional hostage

So, if, starting to travel, you suddenly discovered that your plane was captured by terrorists, and if you are not Bruce Willis, to save life and health, both yours and those around you, we hasten to advise you to resort to the following tricks of a non-professional hostage. The first rule of the captured teapot says: you should not stand out in the group of hostages and you can not annoy the bandits.

How to read in the face, or Entertaining physiognomy

Since the time of the ancient Chinese, it is known that the ears are a mirror of the soul. For example, the beautiful shape of the ears is considered a sign of outstanding spiritual qualities. The same applies to people whose ear length is equal to the length of the eyebrows or nose. Large and firm to the touch ears testify to good health and promise a long life.

How to relieve stress?

And the first thing we will do, exactly repeating the recommendations of psychologists, is to put the right hand on the back of the head, and press the left one on the navel. This, say psychologists, listening to your body, will help the energy to appear in the center, and then evenly distribute throughout our body. At the same time, balance will be felt, attention and memory will become more intense.

How good is a row?

You can quarrel in different ways, you can throw stools at each other, you can beat the grandmother's expensive set, and so on, ad infinitum. However, if there is a child in the family, the family scandal should be limited to some frames. We will talk about these necessary restrictions today. Firstly, it should be borne in mind that swear words pronounced during a child automatically become allowed for him.

Who is a successful person, or How not to become a pathetic loser?

The whole secret is that these same ones, that is, the first, know how to look successful, even if they are not. And really, ask yourself, do you want to do business with a person, if at first glance it is clear that he is a loser? Do not want? And rightly so. And if you look like this? ... And from here the first rule for today: the foundation of the foundations of any career is the ability to create the illusion that you have success in everything.

How to know the nature of the color of clothing?

Here, for example, you decided once and for all to solve the problem with the uniform of your staff. And, thinking, they asked each of their subordinates to bring you applications for the colors of the future uniform. But the point is that you are the leader, to be more cunning than your subordinates. Of course, applications for colors will help you determine their preferences in clothing, but on closer examination, they will tell you something else.

How to behave if you are kidnapped?

The first trick is: if you resist, you can be killed. Agree, very simple and cynical. In fact, the kidnappers need you alive, not dead, but if you resist, the likelihood that you may be killed or injured increases. In fact, almost all abduction victims were released in exchange for ransom or under other conditions.

How to avoid becoming a victim?

For example, if you do not want to be attacked at the entrance of a house, then, approaching the front door, turn your head around: notice a suspicious companion, and at the same time show to the observable personalities looking for the victim that you are not a miss and observant. The fact is, the science of victimology tells us that these "little notes" suddenly attack, because you just did not have time to notice them when they were already leading you with views.

What are the methods of memorization?

To remember, for example, the phone number 231−97−75, you can split all the numbers into groups and come up with a simple association for each group. For example: 23 is the brother's age, 1977 is the year of his birth, 5 is the month of birth. Instead of seven pieces of information, there were only three, and even those belong to the same person.

How to determine the nature of a person, or anatomy of physiognomy

We first ask ourselves what the so-called “wide” chin means. And it means the following: first, it is a sign of a strong-willed nature, and sometimes a tendency to solve many problems by force, to suppress the opponent. Secondly, the owner of a wide chin can be sharp and rough. And if he also has a big head, then his character, most likely, is not devoid of features of stubbornness and persistence.

What does the distance mean when talking?

And even if the proprietor of this very body turns out to be a hardened liar, it will always maintain chaste honesty. And therefore, knowing and being able to read body language and gestures, we can easily judge the intentions of its owner. And today, comprehending these wisdom, we will talk about DISTANCE. It is known that when communicating with others, a person prefers to be at a certain distance.

What are the types of laughter?

And therefore, let's take everything and laugh together, each about his own. In this case, for a second we do not stop watching ourselves, as if from the outside, remembering in detail (writing down in the history of the disease) everything that you are doing. Laugh out loud? Now you can finish and go to ... water exercises? No, comparative analysis.

How to manage a person?

In the most general sense, our weak spot is how we present ourselves, what we think of ourselves. More precisely - how would we like to see ourselves. An experienced woman will need no more than three minutes to scan the dark depths of our subconscious and find a weak and defenseless place there.

How to avoid a fight, or Bute - run !!!

So, the first rule of a fighting teapot is in such a simple formula that the one who runs away from the fight will get the greatest success in this matter. That is why, at the first signs of a maturing fight, we make legs in hands. This hundreds of times proven technique without an option beats the enemy outright. Of course, it is appropriate when the fight is not a fundamental clarification of the one-on-one relationship, and by your departure from the battlefield you do not leave a friend, beloved wife or adored mother-in-law helpless in the hands of evil hooligans.

How to communicate, or Man - a social creature

And their first advice sounds like this - “Never miss a chance to keep silent”. You, probably, have already paid attention that two ears and only one language are given to the person. This is done for nothing more than to listen more and talk less. That is why the main skill of competent communication is concluded in the ability to be silent and listen.