How to make your 6 acres dimensionless? Tips gardeners

Here the summer resident also puzzles. For early-raisins (radishes, garlic onions, feathers, lettuce) it’s just a sin not to single out a bit of earth: after a long winter, such vitamin beds are absolutely necessary. Count? Three or four beds off. Cucumbers and tomatoes - just holy. What a garden without them? Two or three off. Peppers and eggplants are already a dream.

What is the beauty of the Moorish lawn and how to create it?

Strict classic lawns seem too monotonous, monotonous, their grooming sometimes makes you think that they are inanimate. Yes, they fit perfectly into the modern landscape of the city, but how often the city dweller longs for meadow flowering herbs. I love you, field flowers - So friendly, you are joyful; White and blue, Smile at me from the grass.

Is it worth copying someone else's positive experience at your summer cottage?

The author of the article advocates a very active soil mulching and a complete refusal to dig, which, in his opinion, only harms the garden. The beds of this gardener are arranged in wooden boxes, where due to abundant mulching the humus layer of the soil is actively growing. According to the author, this process is going so fast that he has to periodically remove excess humus from the beds.

Why does a sunflower "twist its head"?

On Earth, there are over a hundred species of sunflower, which is considered to be the birthplace of southern Mexico. There, in very ancient times, sunflower was first cultivated and occupied a very important place in the agrarian system. In Europe, the most famous sunflower oilseed. That is what we often see in the fields. Sunflower oil is cultivated mainly for the sake of obtaining high-quality oil.

How to equip the cottage? Educational program for a beginner

You can buy a plot of any size, based on the availability of funds. But it is necessary to take into account for what purpose you buy it - for rest or replenishment of food stocks for the winter. Take, for example, a plot of twenty acres. It can accommodate garden trees, garden beds; build a house, bath or sauna, make a pool.

Country tools. How to use the miracle forks "Tornado"?

Pitchfork is good. Especially in combination with hand-held rake, which this afternoon with fire cannot be found. Grabel and rakes as such are full of, but convenient among them - nothing at all. We immediately see that they are developed by engineers or designers who are familiar with weeding only in theory. If modern fan-shaped rakes of thin stainless wire give a special bend to the twigs, then they will easily remove all roots from the ground and throw a pile of verschek roots out of the bed.

Caution scam! How to cheat summer residents?

And it would be fine if the market ... What to take from ushly touring vendors? But after all, advertising of such products is placed by very many print publications, apparently, without even delving into the essence of this kind of ads. And there is something to think about and first of all - about your future reputation. After all, the majority of readers are accustomed to trust the printed word of the media and begin to buy such planting material, enriching unscrupulous sellers, whose business is built solely on short-term profit.

What is the "Apothecary garden"?

The history of pharmaceutical gardens begins in the Middle Ages, but who was the first inventor is still being investigated. Such gardens were made at the botanical departments of universities, and at hospitals, and at monasteries. Therefore, the plants from the garden served the same way and botanical science, and medicine, and the cook in the kitchen.

What is a Fairy Garden?

To lure a fairy into his garden was considered a great success. If the fairy likes a small garden, planted for her mistress of the house, she will become the protector of the house and her kind spirit. The tradition of "Garden for the Fairies" has existed for many centuries, and I want to share it with you. What is a Fairy Garden? The garden for fairies is a miniature garden with a small house or hut, where the fairy could hide from the rain or the midday sun.

What plants are in the family of buttercups?

Live and learn! Not bad knowing the flora, I was pleasantly surprised to see photos of garden buttercups. Lush, brightly colored miniature roses appeared before me in all its glory. Breeders tried their best: taking the Asian buttercup as a basis, they brought out amazing garden varieties that adorn flower beds and window sills of lovers of beauty.

Ordinary pear ... Is it simple?

... Three years have passed. Zamuhryshki recovered and bloomed. The fruit began. And then a miracle happened - the trees bloomed again! And new fruits hung on the branches next to the first. And at the very height of summer, the trees again dressed in white “wedding” attire and bloomed for the third time! Firstborn ripened in late August. What were these fruits!

How to get rid of the Hogweed?

Used to protect roads from grazing cattle, because it grows along roadsides in terrible quantities. Previously, cows were still young and harmless, now there are no cows and the plant develops in full force. Who knows, he does not approach him, but who does not know, he is frightened by an unknown disease, having found blisters on his body on Tuesday.

Maranta Why do its leaves resemble the feathers of a strange bird?

Mr. Amaranth, the head of the Amaranth family living high in the Andes, pointed the path that led me to the tropical rain forests of the American continent. It turned out that the beautiful Mrs. Maranta lives here. She received her scientific name in honor of the botanist and doctor Bartolomeo Martii. Locals call arrowroot arrowroot root - in ancient times, the juice of this plant was treated by soldiers wounded by poisoned arrows.

Camellia and tea bush. What do they have in common?

Camellia is a genus of evergreens of the Tea family. The name of the genus was given by Karl Linnaeus in honor of the botanist George Josef Camel. Camellias come from the tropical mountain forests of Southeast Asia. The most famous species of this genus is Chinese Camellia, or Tea Bush, whose leaves are the raw material for the preparation of the world famous drink.

How to create a garden in the style of country?

The embodiment of the emerging idea of ​​a stylized garden composition in a country style is akin to the artist's work. Indeed, an interesting solution to the improvement of the garden plot is the creation of a “rural” landscape. What is the difference between a stylized garden in country style? First of all, an abundance of large bright flowers planted in different places, the presence of fruit trees, weaving with pots seated on it, like an old wooden cart forgotten in a sunny meadow.

How to organize flowering on the site from spring to autumn?

First of all, pay attention to the composition of the soil and the illuminance of the site during the day. The soil should be fertile, loose, moderately wet, with a neutral or slightly acid reaction. This place should be illuminated by the sun for at least half a day, although this requirement is not suitable for shade-tolerant plants.

Eustoma - Prairie Bell. What makes her interesting?

Autumn time: dull, rainy, depressing - it's time to give a loved one a bouquet of eustoma, just for no reason, for mood. They stand in water for up to three weeks - rather often wash the stems under running water and trim them a little. Flowers exude a subtle pleasant aroma, evoking fond memories in the soul.

What to plant in a flower garden? Pyrethrum

Pyrethrum maiden (Pyretrum parthenium) is a perennial plant of the Asteraceae family. The Fetrum genus includes about 100 species of plants native to the countries of Southern Europe, Asia and America. They are called differently: chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum parthenium), tanacetum (Tanacetum parthenium), matricaria (Matricaria eximia).

Crocosmia is the sister of gladiolus. How is she attractive?

Not all gardeners gladly grow gladioli, the brother of Crocosmia, in their garden plot. But who once enjoyed the majestic flowering of these flower kingdom guards, he will remain faithful to them forever. And whoever loves gladioli, will certainly love crocosmia - next to them she will look like a real flower lady.