How to make a fire without matches, in wet weather?

So, let's try to make a fire in wet weather. And the first thing to take into account in these cold circumstances is the obvious fact that a small fire is much easier to be set apart and set on fire than a big one. Therefore, we boldly plant a great many small fires, which will both burn better, and give more heat, or maybe, if they are very lucky, they lure some plane that is lost in the clouds.

How to get home, or the basics of hitchhiking

Hitchhiker, or in the English version - "hitch-hike", you can go to the sea and make a trip around the world. But we will consider a simpler situation: you got out on a weekend out of town or see the sights of a beautiful town in the neighboring area, it was time to go home, and then you discovered that you suddenly ran out of money or the last train ran away from you.

How to hitchhiking in Paris?

First, find a backpack in the closet, put some clothes in it, a couple of underwear sets, woolen socks, a dry ration, shampoo, soap and an indispensable set of the tourist - KLMN (cup, spoon, bowl, knife). This is the minimum set, the rest of the layout shoulder bag will whistle directly from your physical capabilities.

What is a skyball?

Strikeball is a team-based military-applied game in which the battle is fought with a special pneumatic weapon. Airsoft guns in their appearance and weight are indistinguishable from real weapons to such an extent that even the pros sometimes make mistakes. Weapons include pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and even machine guns and grenades, which is why the game creates a sense of the reality of this battle.

What to take on a hike?

For example, nature may turn out to be much wilder than you expected, and it is impossible to interrupt the annoying communication with her on demand. I recommend to know in advance the route of the future campaign and carefully track on the map how far it goes from the nearest settlements. You can survive one rainy night in the mountains if you know that you will go down to the village the next morning, where the public bus will take you to meet the sun and the blue sky.

How to spend a weekend, or Forest Fairy Tale

Of course, the constant lack of sleep makes itself felt. Jamming at work, in public transport leads to the fact that I want to sit at home, not to see anyone and not to hear. The sofa becomes attractive, and the TV screen is so alluring. And the weather outside the window is somehow not very ... And yet, look closely: on the street, young bright greens have already changed to dark green.

How to pick mushrooms?

- Going for mushrooms should be early in the morning. If your “early morning” is 10 hours, then you are not a mushroom picker. The most convenient time for gathering mushrooms is 6 am, at least 7. - The most favorable weather for the appearance of mushrooms is warm rain in the sun. That is, if there was a fine warm rain in the evening, then in the morning there will surely be a good harvest.

Where to rest in the Krasnodar region?

Anapa Anapa is located in the southwestern part of the Krasnodar Territory, at the junction of the Greater Caucasus and the Taman Peninsula. This explains the amazing diversity of the landscape in the resort: from the Caucasus foothills covered with mixed forest, to the flat plateau on which ancient Anapa is located, and the lowland Taman plains, interspersed with marine estuaries.

How to relax?

Summer is not the time of year. This is a state of mind ... It doesn’t matter whether you decide to take a reserved seat to Anapa or fly in a private plane to the Seychelles. The truth of life is to simply sit on a lounge chair, slowly sip Cuba Libre or, in extreme cases, Bloody Mary and watch the sunset. And then why do you take a laptop on vacation, connect international roaming and say goodbye to your colleagues on the last day with the phrase “Well, call me, if that”?

How to start roller skating?

Do not know how - teach! Roller skating is not only a pleasant pastime, but also a hard sport. Roller on a straight line under its own power can accelerate to 50 km / h. Of course, it’s not worth killing yourself for hours-long workouts and spending two thousand green units on roller skates, but it’s enviable to ride around so that you don’t feel ashamed, but this is a worthy goal.

How to spend the last month of summer?

It turned out that you spent most of the summer at home. And here is the last hope - to spend August with good impressions. The main thing - do not be lazy and gather all the will in order to spend a nice time. Your task is to collect as many impressions as possible, so that later you have something to tell your close friends about how well you spent this summer.

How to hitchhike?

There are several requirements, compliance or non-compliance which indicates your readiness for this adventure. So, if you think that you have to pay for everything with money, someone else’s help is unacceptable for you, because it degrades your dignity - you can never be a stopper. In all other cases - you have a very real chance to become one.

Rest usually or "excellent"?

We can start the weekend by choosing a holiday according to your taste and possibilities: outside the city on the lake, in the forest; on the garden plot; in the end - go with friends to barbecue. And if you really try, then get out for a week in a hot country. One has only to always remember that quite often the memory of the rest is not only pleasant memories.

How to become a diver?

We are always attracted to everything new and unknown. So the human nature is arranged - I want to experience everything for myself. So I decided to do it. Immediately I confess: it was scary to horror. I really do not know how to swim. But the club calmed me down. In order to become a diver, it is not necessary to be a great swimmer, it is enough to have basic swimming skills.

How to write travel notes?

Summer is over. There will be memories that will warm you up in the long winter evenings, will give a topic for conversation with friends. And that's what I thought. Photos viewed are one thing. Human memory is not perfect. That mood, those people, good and bad, met on the way will be quickly forgotten. Need something to do with it.

How to choose a suitcase?

First, we define the material. What should the vacation "tara" be made of? They make bags, backpacks and suitcases from leather and its artificial substitute, fabric with waterproof impregnation or vinyl coating, impact-resistant plastic. Leather, natural and artificial, is familiar to us. But not quite comfortable.

How to ride the trains?

First, let's talk about food. Of course, I understand that the main and sacred duty of any passenger is that it is, but we overestimate the volume of our stomach too much, taking food with us as if we are going to make a foot transition from Moscow to Magadan. But the quantity is not the worst: the Russian people, even with constraints in their means, used to eat well, hence sausages, smoked chicken, chicken Kiev and other perishable foods appear in our travel bags.

How to jump with a parachute?

Saturday morning. I've arrived. Airfield, drop-zone in Gatchina. My first jump. While not afraid, really want to jump. What for? Probably, I want to fall in love with life again, to find the values ​​that helped to live and enjoy life. Or maybe I just want to test myself for weak / not weak ... Beginners can jump either in tandem with an instructor, from a height of 4 (!