What TV series to watch since September? Dilettante, Moonlight Distorted by Clouds and Mercenary Quarry

“Dilettante”, Russia Russian TV reporters offer in September to the attention of lovers of detective genre a new mini-series “Diletant”, which was released on September 4 on the TVC channel. This is the work of director Yuri Popovich, who worked on the continuation of the famous “Capercaillie” and the mystical “Fifth Guard”, as written by Henrykh Mamoyev, the author of such projects as the last two parts of Antisniper and the series “Pasechnik”

What is the appeal of a Hollywood action? "Ungovernable"

Needless to say, filmmakers were interested not in the dry figures of statistics and destruction, but in the opposition of man and the elements, man and technology. In American cinema, humanity (both in the global and local understanding of this term) is constantly in need of salvation. From the invasion of zombies, from the invasion of aliens, from infections, from the cosmic threat in the form of meteorites and the destruction of the ozone layer, from parasite beetles, Russian spies and elephant-like monsters.

How was the movie "Turner and Hooch" (1989) shot?

Hooch ruins most of Turner's personal property, including his car, but helps the policeman find criminals and also find love in the person of the local vet Emily Carson (Mayor Winningham). Five of them worked on the script of the film, including Michael Blodget (Run, 1991) and Oscar-nominee Daniel Pitrey, Jr.

How was the horror movie "Bell" filmed in 2002?

Released in October 2018, the American remake of the movie “Wake” created two fashion trends at once. Firstly, Hollywood suddenly became interested in Japanese horror, starting to massively retake them in his own way. Secondly, the host of cinema monsters was replenished with new ghosts attacking civilians right from the TV.

How was the movie "Crocodile Dundee" (1986) made?

Comedian Paul Hogan at the time of the release of "Crocodile Dundee" was already known to a wide audience outside of Australia due to his television sketch show. He also became familiar with the advertising of local travel companies. However, no one expected that the full-length film with his participation would be the most successful in the history of the continent, not to mention the fact that in a foreign land (I mean in America) “Crocodile Dundee” almost became the highest-grossing project of the year, not reaching the leader , romantic blockbuster "The best shooter" with Tom Cruise, just a couple of million dollars.

How to shoot the mystical film "The Sixth Sense" (1999)?

The Sixth Sense was nominated for an Oscar in 6 categories. And although the film left the ceremony empty-handed, the breakthrough was obvious for this particular genre. The interest in the tape was overwhelming: DVDs and videotapes were sold like hot cakes, and in total at the box office they took the tape more than 80 million times.

Alicin cinema hall - 2. Are there absurdities in the world of absurdities?

Go to the previous part of the article The first drawback, which is primarily related to the “Wonderland” - is the improvisational nature of the tale. Carroll composed it for specific girls, like fun, and didn’t particularly worry about the slender storyline. Frankly speaking, the plot of “Wonderland” is a compiled set of weakly related episodes.

Alicin cinema - 3. Is there a moral in the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland"?

Go to the previous part of the article. I would conditionally identify four lines in a fairy tale. The first is the phantasmagoria of what is happening. This is the most appreciative storyline for such entertaining arts as film and animation. And for the children to look at how Alice transforms, gets stuck in the house, meets a giant puppy, plays croquet with lively flamingos, it is always interesting.

Aliceen cinema - 5. How to properly dress Alice from Wonderland?

Go to the previous part of the article. If we look at the amateur drawings of Lewis Carroll himself in the manuscript, we will see that the dress of his heroine is looser, resembling a tied tunic. We will also see that the writer did not really try to observe accuracy - the shape of the collar and the length of the sleeves vary from one drawing to another.

Alicin cinema - 1. Why is "Alice in Wonderland" so difficult to film?

First, it took me almost half a year to consider and review films and cartoons on this topic alone. Secondly, I managed to find far from all the film versions (and some of them are inaccessible in principle and are still gathering dust in some archives). Thirdly, not all of them were translated into Russian, which personally made it difficult for me to view.

Aliceen cinema - 4. What is the real Alice from Wonderland?

Go to the previous part of the article It would seem that there is no doubt that the main instigator of the “Wonderland” was a very real girl - the daughter of the Oxford dean Alice Placesens Liddell. It was she who asked her adult friend Dodgson to compose a fairy tale with her “stupidities” during her memorable boat trip in 1862.

Aliceen cinema - 6. What is the character of Alice from "Wonderland"?

Go to the previous part of the article. To begin, let us try to describe the heroine’s home environment. Amazingly, in the text of Carroll there is not a single line about Alice's parents. But the heroine constantly remembers her cat Dina and misses her very much. We also learn that Alice has an older sister and an older brother.

What is the secret of the success of the film Blair Witch (1999)?

Let's start with the fact that, like Bollywood, where the presence of the script is moveton, Mirik and Sanchez did not have the text as such. The film script was written by them back in 1993, when they were both just learning how to make a movie in Orlando, Florida. The comrades deliberately did not begin to fill the schematic script with dialogues, planning that the actors would improvise in front of the camera.

Aliceen cinema - 11. Why did the Disney "Alice in Wonderland" first fail and then become a classic?

Go to the previous part of the article Blair completely abandoned the style of Tenniel with his semitones and shading. Her “Alice in Wonderland” has become more “two-dimensional”, almost devoid of shadows and colored with very bright and bold colors. The new style also demanded a radical revision of the concept, on which as many as 13 scriptwriters and three directors - Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Lusk - were now working.

Aliceen cinema - 9. How did Disney fight the first color Alice?

Go to the previous part of the article Moreover, in my opinion, this is the first film on Alice, which can be considered creative success (the impression did not spoil even the fact that I watched it in a disgusting quality and did not understand a single word). Unfortunately, creative success and recognition do not always go hand in hand.

Alicin cinema - 8. How did Alice speak and why was it so unfortunate?

Go to the previous part of the article Firstly, in New York, the original manuscript of Lewis Carroll, recently bought by the collector from Alice Liddell (in marriage - Hargreaves) - the one that this tale was dedicated to - was put on public display. Secondly, 80-year-old Alice herself was invited to New York to give Columbia University an honorary doctorate in literature.

Alicin cinema - 13. How did Alice sexually liberate?

Go to the previous part of the article. Honestly, I never thought that I would have to discuss this topic. However, to my surprise, the 1976 film entitled “Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Comedy” turned out to be remarkable in its own way. Director Badu Tasendu even managed to mount a more “soft" version - three minutes shorter.