How to behave in a casino?

So ... You should not try to score all 36 cells with your chips. The maximum that you can afford is a “transversal” (that is, a 6-cell horizontal). And do not forget to put chips on the field carefully, it is in your best interest. Now directly on how to bet. This should be done at a time when the croupier just threw the ball on the wheel.

How to avoid becoming a victim of a card sharper?

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that it is worth looking at this technique solely from a preventive point of view, and by no means a consumer one. Because, if a separate irresponsible kettle thinks of itself as a cheat and decides to use the trick in practice, most likely it will fail because of lack of experience.

How to acquire capital, or earn enough money, you need to save a lot

There is a way out and it is obvious: money can be saved. Yes, it is possible that today the financial conditions in the country and in your single family are not the most favorable for this. But let us remember how much less we managed to live in a student body or just at the beginning of our career? Is the need to spend all the money we earn today justified?

How to find money for training?

Depending on the university you have chosen, the bank, your appraisal ratings and, admittedly, many, many factors, such a loan can amount to up to 25 thousand dollars. You can redeem it within 10 years. In the West, studying on credit is a normal matter, legally worked out, and education in general is much more serious there.

How to become rich? Be it!

As you know, even a thousand-mile road to well-being begins with the first step. And this first step decides which path you take. There are roads, similar to the New Year's serpentine - a lot of work and scanty results. And there are roads that look like a stretched string - you are focused, nothing distracts you, your results hit you, you quickly and easily achieve your goal ... Do you know the difference between love and passion?

How to use the Tax Free system, or We don’t need someone else’s money, but we don’t give ours!

So, first: what countries are included in the system Tax Free Refund? Today it is 36 countries, including almost all European. Hundreds of thousands of different shops, on the doors of which you will see the coveted blue emblem. Having made a purchase at such a store, ask the seller to issue a Tax Free check on it. You may need your passport - the seller will overwrite your data in the form.

Do you want money - love them, or How to make money?

If you have experienced something similar in your life - you are lucky: you know this keen sense of success, you touched it with the thin strings of your soul and, therefore, you can achieve everything that you can imagine. If you wish, you can get a lot of money. Even a whole safe of money ... no - a whole car!

What is money? This is not what you think!

In the format of this article, I do not have the opportunity to fundamentally substantiate my recommendations, but here, as during a visit to a fortuneteller or psychic: if you want - you listen to the advice, you do not want it - you do not take them into account. To begin with, I will try to absolutely right to determine what money is for the majority of the population, and I will prove that this is a common misconception!

What is Web Money?

Today I will try to examine in detail one of the types of electronic wallets - Web Money. "WebMoney" is considered to be one of the most reliable and reliable electronic transfer systems. Judge for yourself: a huge number of protection levels, impregnable servers (by the way, all web money-generators, that is, programs that supposedly allow you to receive money from nowhere - a solid scam) and millions (in dollar) equivalent turnover per year.

How to count your money?

That is exactly what our fellow citizens do. Family or personal budget is a simple matter. You can present it in the form of a table with two columns: left - “arrival” and right - “expense”. And in the “income” column, as a rule, one item is included - salary, while the content of the “expense” column is more diverse - it reflects our needs and desires, unfortunately, not all.

How to choose an electronic payment system?

On the Russian Internet, the most visited electronic payment services are WebMoney, Yandex. Money and the Russian-Ukrainian system RUPAY. WebMoney is probably the most popular Russian payment system. It allows a registered user to start an unlimited number of virtual wallets in various currencies - in rubles, dollars, euros, as well as Ukrainian hryvnias and Uzbek soums.

What is FOREX?

Forex (from the English. FOREX, FOReign EXchange market) literally translates as "international currency market." In the traditional sense of the word, Forex is not a “market”. It does not have a specific place of trade, such as a stock exchange. Trades take place by phone or computer networks simultaneously in dozens and hundreds of banks around the world.

How to save money for life?

And then we start to think about where to put that small “surplus” in such a way so as not to waste it on any nonsense, and even to “weld” it! The vast majority of citizens will go to the banks - look for where the interest is higher. A small part will turn to less common methods of investing, such as mutual funds, securities, gold bars, precious coins, and so on.

What is a UIF?

When investing in a mutual fund is a trust management agreement with the management company. The unit investment fund in this case acts as a certain investment portfolio, the funds of which will be composed of the contributions of many shareholders. Further, the collected funds are invested by the management company in securities, bank deposits, real estate, etc.

How to stop being poor? Five secrets

Secret 1. “Love the bill”. Anyone who does not know how much money he has in his wallet is either already rich or has never tried to become one. After all, knowledge of the resources you have is the first step towards wealth. Knowledge, property, money, time - all these are your resources, their multiplication is the path to wealth.

What are HYIP investment funds?

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program (High-Profitable Investment Program), received widespread on the Internet. This is usually understood as any investment that generates a higher return than your savings account, with rates of around 4% -5% per year. Earn on such programs is really possible.

Can I win at roulette?

In this article, I will not consider the various betting options or strategy games that various players choose for themselves. Now I just want to show the simplest probability distribution of win and loss. Even those who are not keen on gambling make up for themselves some opinion about roulette, about the probability of winning and about the fairness of the game.

What are bank deposits?

The easiest and convenient deposit is a demand deposit. You can put it on it and you can withdraw any amount at any time convenient for you. Such a deposit is in all banks, it opens in any currency with which a given financial institution (bank) can work, money on such an account is always available, interest is calculated every day.

What happens if you do not return the loan to the bank?

Lending to the population has become very popular lately, however, few people think about the terrible consequences that can befall a borrower in the event of its inability to repay a loan. About this and I would like to talk today. When a person takes a large loan from a bank, he, for some reason, firmly believes in the cloudlessness and stability of his financial future.

How to get a bank loan?

Most modern banks offer so-called “loans for urgent needs”. Under this sentimental name is a loan intended for absolutely any need that could not be pushed into special credit programs (for the purchase of apartments, cars, household appliances, with such loans money is transferred directly to the seller of the goods).