How to get a date with the arrested?

Applying the experience worked out by the regulars (who do not envy anyone) of these institutions, you can turn to three remarkable tricks that allow you to arrange a meeting with a friend who is languishing behind bars. Method one, it is procedural (only for risky natures). Early in the morning, taking with us sandwiches and a thermos with tea, we come to the investigator, leading the case.

How to get Russian citizenship?

The first civil step will be a step in the department of visas and registrations, in certain circles known as OVIR. There we are looking for and soon we will surely find a district inspector for the issue of citizenship. Having found this inspector and defended to it a proper queue in such cases (we are getting used to Russian traditions, gentlemen), we get the requirements for the set of documents that we will need to prepare for delivery.

How to go to jail?

So, today's first method will have a social and political tint. If you have the idea to meet with the prisoner at the stage when the preliminary investigation is underway, then most likely you will have to resort to this method. The fact is that representatives of public organizations are allowed to participate in the case during the preliminary investigation.

How to make a calculation with the seller of real estate?

And with him, we hope, the well-being has improved, so much so that the time has come to think about purchasing real estate. If this is about you, congratulations! But even in days of stability with confidence in the future, it would be good to adhere to the rule of "trust but verify." The housing problem is the cornerstone of our people.

How to behave during interrogation?

So, let's start from the stove. Well understand that in the institution where you are going, you do not have and there can be no friends (exceptions are relatives of senior officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, LTP, etc., but for some reason they almost never go to prison). Then you can confidently open the door. Moreover, it is necessary to open it with confidence, in your soul you should not have a place for feeling guilty.

How to communicate with sellers? Return and warranty

Here it should be remembered that within fourteen days you can ask the seller the question of replacing a good quality product with a similar one, if the purchased item didn’t match in color, size, size or just as a soul. In extreme cases, you can terminate the contract of sale. Simply put - to return the purchase.

How to avoid becoming a victim of a hooligan attack?

1. In the history there were cases when this seemingly innocent situation with a very threatening overtones without much difficulty was reduced to "no." How? Very simple: it is necessary to make it clear to people that they are in your territory. Your answer should be something like this: “Guys, I don’t smoke myself, but the old stocks may be lying around the house, my house is not far from here, come with me.”

What to do with the agenda?

The pledge of our success in avoiding subpoenas lies in the knowledge of some legal subtleties. The fact is that no matter what the agenda comes to you, be it from the prosecutor’s office, the police, the traffic police, or, finally, from the military registration and enlistment office (which, by the way, is very relevant these days), in all cases the uniform requirements established by these Article 109 GIC of Russia.

How to rent an apartment

When searching for housing through real estate agencies, it is advisable to avoid the services of so-called "information" agencies. For a relatively small fee (from a few hundred rubles and above), such agencies submit a list of addresses (phone numbers) of apartments allegedly leased by owners. The contract for the provision of services from such agencies usually states: the subject of the contract is the provision of information, consulting and other services, assistance in the selection of an apartment, and the like.

Do I need a marriage contract?

A marriage contract is such a thing that it is never late to conclude (at least before the wedding, at least after), so you should not start a conversation a day or two before the wedding. A compromise option can always be found, because the contract is between people who love each other. If a person loves you sincerely and wholeheartedly, he is unlikely to be against the protection of your interests in a lawful manner.

Why do not we love controllers and other "endowed with power"?

I already wanted to sit down on the only free space, as I was nearly knocked down by a little fat man in white, with facial features like that of a Merry Pig from an Alice cartoon and a talker birdie - “The Secret of the Third Planet”. My boyfriend and I just looked at each other and smiled at each other. I was once again surprised at the rudeness of public transport.

How to behave in captivity of terrorists?

So, something happened that you did not expect - you became a hostage of terrorists. As in any other critical situation, you need to maintain composure, do not panic, do not roll up tantrums, do not show aggression and do not argue with the bandits. But at the same time, do not be humiliated and do not beg for mercy, do not create a “predator-prey” situation, it will not be resolved in your favor.

How to sue a doctor?

When filing a claim, it is advisable to prepare evidence confirming the causal link between the defects of medical care and the ensuing consequences. As evidence, any medical documents, expert opinions, testimony of witnesses and specialists are used.

How to avoid becoming a victim in the stairwell, elevator, car?

“Driveway smartly” Even if the expression “mountain of muscles” about you, it does not mean that you can whistling and disconnecting from any reality, enter the staircase (especially at night, especially in someone else's). Before you open the cherished door of the entrance, look around you if strange suspicious subjects are hiding in the neighborhood (this is not paranoia, but normal human actions).

How to turn "my house" into "my fortress"?

I'll warn you right away: you will have to do a lot. It will not be cheap. But on the other hand, life and health are invaluable things, so it seems to me that you should not save on them. For those who like to wit, I will say this: it’s better to suffer persecution in this world than to rest on it. Are you ready to modernize your home?

How to avoid becoming a victim of the crowd?

Remember, you have nothing to do in the crowd. Always bypass the crowd side. No need to approach out of idle curiosity (remember the saying "the cat's curiosity killed"?). It will be better and easier for you to live if you find out what the collection is about? If the crowd has “grown up” on your way, find a workaround or, in extreme cases, calmly walk around it on the edge, where there are fewer people.

How to give a distress call? Part 1

First, what are the minimum requirements for this method. The symbols are laid out on the ground, with the help of improvised means, and in order to be noticed, they should not be less than 10 meters in length and 3 meters in width, the line thickness is 0.5 m. In general, the more, the better! 1. Need a doctor. Simple icon.