How to choose a bouquet of flowers?

First of all, carefully examine the bud in the place where the petals come out from under the outer shell. If you see signs of pulling out the petals, it means only one thing - the flower has been subjected to the so-called “treatment”. In principle, the outer petals of y in many colors (for example, y roz and carnations) are subject to the aforementioned removal, but this must be done in your presence.

How to make a whistle from apricot bone, or Neighbors, hang!

We take an ordinary stone from garden apricot. The larger the bone, the better. Abrikostochka looks like a fat flounder, right? On the one hand, it has a sharp comb, and the second side is smooth. Here we need it! More precisely, it is not needed, because it is precisely this that should be cut. Parallel to the longitudinal axis we grind the smooth side of the bone with a file, emery ... You can even easier - take the bone with two fingers, press it against the rough wall of the house and take a walk along it - a quarter of the bone was gone!

How to deal with rodents, or the end of the mouse ball

The enemy's weak spot, one might say, the “Achilles heel”, lies in its extreme gluttony. That is why persecution of mice takes the first place in the tactics and strategy of chalking out mice. Thus, the tactics developed, the decision is made - we will persecute! Attention! Pregnant women, children under 16 years old and Greenpeace activists are no longer recommended to read!

How to choose colors for apartment renovation?

With the help of color, you can easily visually enlarge or reduce the size of the room. There is a simple rule: bright colors visually reduce space, and dark, on the contrary, increase. So, if you paint your apartment in purple, black, or white, an illusion of large space will be created.

How to protect the apartment from thieves, or dwelling without supervision

And therefore we will devote ourselves to protective tricks and to safeguarding from thieves. And the first thing to think about is where to store valuables and money both in a poorly protected country house and in an abandoned city apartment. If you do not have a high-security safe or the notorious “Slavic cabinet” in your home, then the main thing you want to advise is not to listen to any advice.

How to quarrel, or Parents scold - the child listens.

Firstly, it should be borne in mind that swear words pronounced during a child automatically become allowed for him. Here, however, it is possible to argue that profanity can become known to a child without your participation. This is true, but it is important that he is aware that such expressions are not used in the family.

How to beat bad luck, or the "Law of the sandwich" in action

Suppose you set out to make something festive. And they decided to use for this purpose their old grandmother's recipe. What does kitchen wisdom tell us? And she says this. The unit of measure for the main component of a dish in an old recipe will always be illegible. Moreover, wisdom continues, if you specifically had to go for some product, then your guest will be allergic to it.

How to plan a kitchen, or a delicate and dialectical case

For this arrangement, highly experienced designers identify four main types of planning. To which are Y-shaped, L-shaped, two-row and, finally, single-row. It is understood that in each of the types of planning there are three hypothetical lines connecting the three centers of kitchen activity. To whom include sink, stove and refrigerator.

How to dress and stylish, or meet clothes

On this account, image makers and stylists hold the following point of view. First, they say, your wardrobe should include a gray suit. We need this costume to put it on when we appear in public places, for an important meeting, to speak on television and other performances.

How to avoid phone fraud?

One of the most popular telephone sales, especially in small cities of our homeland, has become such. Feeling a passionate desire to ever telephonize, we suddenly come across a clipping from a newspaper, which reads unequivocally “We are conducting a one-way telephone communication. Quality is guaranteed!

How long to save the Christmas tree?

One of the no less attractive options than walking around the bazaar may be a romantic trip out of town. The first step in this case would be to obtain a special license to shoot two trees no more than five meters long. Otherwise, it will be necessary not only to hide the Christmas tree, but also to take the completely non-New Year flour, associated with the problem of conspiracy in the rear of the enemy.

How to avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters or fake neighbors

This fraudulent trick is in use in new, newly settled houses, where residents still know each other badly. This procedure begins with the fact that in your apartment, usually in the middle of the day the bell rings. You open the door and find that there is a “neighbor” on the threshold of your apartment. Why did you decide that this is a neighbor, you ask yourself later?

How to teach children to wash, or Moydodyr resting

First, it is necessary to pay attention to what kind of clean, shiny, and generally in all respects magnificent hair began after washing the head (legs after bathing, hands after washing uh-uh ... hands). Many experienced mothers claim that it is good to first bathe the child’s favorite doll, wash her head with shampoo, or wash her dress.

How to glue the wallpaper, or Thin and long

The first trick lies in the fact that if there are stains on the wallpaper, you can try to smear them with a dental powder soaked in gasoline, and when the powder dries out, brush it off the wall. Having done this operation several times, you will be able to come to the unexpected conclusion that there is no need to cover the room with new wallpaper.

How to sober, or drink or not drink?

First of all, I must say that it is necessary to get drunk, strictly following the above recipes. It is widely known that improper sober can lead to a binge, so today about soother without alcohol, and therefore - completely harmless. We will focus on the recipes of the ancient world. Namely - the ancient Roman and ancient Greek methods of this important occupation.

How to clean a clogged sink, or the Song of Sanitary

So, if the sink sink is clogged, and in your household there are no wonderful sanitary gels or this rubber piece that is usually cleaned (by the way, does anyone remember what it is called?), Then an empty cardboard bag can help you. milk Insert its cut angle into the drain hole and repeatedly press vigorously on top.

What to give for a wedding anniversary?

One year - print wedding. An essential addition to the main gift should be a calico handkerchief, and even better - a couple of these handkerchiefs. Very nice and symbolic little thing! In addition, on this day, it is customary to give household items: tablecloths, napkins, bed linen, curtains for windows.

How to iron clothes without an iron, or Tips lazy

For example, you are lying on the couch and think (by the way, a useful activity is akin to meditation), as if without much difficulty to stroke a crumpled tie. It is even simple, for this is the most useful "know-how". We take a crumpled tie and several times vigorously carry them back and forth along a red-hot light bulb. Until the skill is acquired, it is important to carry out the other side so that if the operation was not entirely successful and there are spots on the tie, the wardrobe item would not be hopelessly spoiled.