How to choose sunglasses and keep your eyes?

Labels "100% ultraviolet protection" should be alarming. The fact is that ordinary glass really completely retains ultraviolet, which cannot be said about plastic. So, we take a closer look at the instructions and, in the case of plastic, look for the inscription "80-90% ultraviolet protection". As for the shape, it is better to choose “streamlined” glasses that are fashionable today among young people, which cover the side visual fields.

How to sunbathe and keep a tan?

Meanwhile, in order to keep your body in a dark state for a longer time, you can resort to three tricks tested by people’s experience. In the first case, the people advise us to wash with tea, or, if the skin is oily, wipe the face with diced iced tea, which tends to give everything that comes in contact with a dusky shade.

How to treat radiculitis?

It turns out that in this respect our people have their own special look with narrowed eyes. As befits people who are most of their time in difficult weather conditions, he (the people) know the way to get rid of radiculitis, called “Hunter”. So, in a glass jar with vinegar essence, we drop a clean-washed, fresh chicken egg so that it is covered with essence.

How to help tired eyes?

Long since, the peasant women were spinning the yarn and, having tired their eyes with this inhuman labor, used the right recipe, which they were bequeathed by their grandmothers, but for us so great-great-grandmother. First, on tired eyes, you can put a lot of all useful, relieving fatigue stuff. For example, slices of raw potatoes, tea bags, or cotton swabs soaked in chamomile decoction.

How to deal with a hangover? After drinking elk milk, the Polish Bison ended up in Las Vegas.

The first recommended recipe came to us under the name "Polish Bison". This formidable, vigorous mixture can save you not only from a hangover, but also from a strong cold lasting from last year. To make a healing solution, you will have to mix one teaspoon of bouillon extract (previously diluted in water) with a glass of vodka, add a few drops of lemon juice and a little pepper.

How to do a massage?

The first and main motto of any masseur is “Do no harm!”. A professional massage therapist knows many subtleties and nuances, but with us it’s enough to remember the general contraindications for this procedure. So, massage should not be carried out at elevated temperatures, skin diseases or skin irritation, as well as during periods of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

How to be treated with vodka?

So, we offer a widely proven method of treating superficial (that is, those who do not go deep into the bronchi) of colds with the help of vodka, soda and milk. It can easily be called by us "In milk and two waters", although it is not about bathing. Not for a hangover, but for health, we dilute 30–50 grams of vodka with a pinch of salt and rinse: the teeth, the oral cavity and - with the head up - the throat.

How to choose the right frame glasses?

The eyes themselves, according to image makers, change is quite problematic. This is the eparchy of plastic surgery. But it is possible and even necessary to correct what is worn over the eyes (if you nevertheless decided to seriously take up your appearance). So, in a hurry and in brief, today we will talk about glasses.

How to take pictures, or photogenic lesson

Professional photographers believe that the problem of photogenicity does not exist. You need to be able to shoot and shoot. Shooting is not for us, but today we will talk about some aspects of proper photography. Make-up should be matte, without glitter, otherwise, instead of a high-quality picture, get a daub. But, if you want to make the lips in the photo fuller, then the gloss is simply necessary, but you need to apply it only in the middle of the lips.

What complexion is healthy, or Blood with milk?

In the XVI century, Russian beauties widely used powder, blush and whitewash. Moreover, all these substances were used not only by rich and distinguished persons, but also by peasant women. Cosmetic preparations that were in use at the time are still available today. Only they are slightly forgotten by the weaker sex and are not at all familiar to the strong.

What to do when cutting a finger?

Let us allow ourselves advice on how to avoid it: the twenty-first century is in the courtyard, the century of the consumer industry. On any and every need, the life-saving and time-saving devices, household devices, in a word, appliances have long been invented. Maybe it's time to stop saving on yourself and people close to you?

How to quickly cure a sore throat?

I must say that this amazing imagination has come to our peasant from far Persia. The whole complexity of the methods for us, teapots, will consist in the process of catching a large toad, which, in fact, remaining a toad, and is an excellent healer medicine. Having procured a large toad somewhere, people usually brought it closer to the mouth and began to breathe quite often into its body (that is, it made the animal a kind of “artificial respiration”).

What are dental fillings, or No teeth - no problem!

Therefore, let's understand. At the time of the unforgettable John Silver, caries were tried to be healed by hammering pieces of soft metals — lead, silver, gold — into a tooth hole. In addition to the inconvenience of the "filling" process, the desired result could not be achieved. Caries continued to develop, and the “filling” quickly fell out.

How to use vodka?

To begin with, we define the terms. The name “vodka” itself did not appear immediately, around the beginning of the twentieth century. in Moscow. Prior to that, she was known by various names - “bread wine”, “boiled wine”, “tavern”, “Cherkassy wine”, “overcook”, etc. Moreover, it was often made by everyone who was not lazy, from noblemen to shopkeepers .

How to beat depression?

And to win a small victorious war, you need to remember: to give up is to throw out the white flag. Give in to "doing nothing", and all sorts of bad thoughts will immediately spin in your head. And yet - for the time being it is worth postponing any serious decisions. Because in the depressed state of depression a person ceases to perceive the surrounding reality adequately.

How to treat a runny nose, or where to poke a sick nose?

If, nevertheless, work or urgent matters drove you to the street, unpleasant symptoms may well be slowed down for a while. Pharmacies are full of drugs for every taste and wallet, blocking nasal congestion and runny nose for a certain number of hours. It should be remembered, however, that such drugs, basically, relieve symptoms, and do not treat the cause.

How to wear heels?

According to the established Russian tradition, we consider women’s shoes with heels beautiful. There is a considerable amount of truth in this: the high heel visually lengthens the leg of its owner, makes her walk more sensual, desirable. If we recall that spring is the time of a heightened desire to change your personal life for the better, and the weather allows not only lighter shoes, but also mini-skirts, then you can even feel sorry for men.

How to choose a beard. What is right for you?

In different periods of human history, this form of male facial vegetation experienced ups and downs. Hussars were not conceived without dashing mustaches, Orthodox priests did not have thick power beards. Tsar-reformer Peter I forcibly cut beards to his boyars-ministers, while they were distressed by such shame.