How to drink to get drunk?

Ever since Heraclitus, it is known that one bottle cannot be drunk twice. Therefore, let's judge how to achieve the greatest effect from the smallest amount of alcohol. And here we are rescued by the method, which received popularly the name “the principle of small doses”. Such an undeniable medical fact is known that the oral mucosa has a remarkable ability to absorb certain medicinal substances.

How to arrange a dinner party?

Here, for example, we take the seemingly such a simple thing as a glass for water, the one that should be submitted before the start of the meal. Let us take and stand in bewilderment, for we have no idea what to do with it further and where to put it. Meanwhile, nothing is easier. Put it against the blade of the knife in the layout of cutlery.

How to behave at the table, or Etiquette - the basics and wisdom

Distract from the process of eating should not be. If you have a pager or mobile phone - plug it in! Faced with the exhibition of different-sized knives and forks of an unknown purpose, you do not need to test your own wit and other people's good breeding. While serving and changing dishes, it is better to sit and quietly sip some water from a glass, until the educated people themselves take what they need in their hands.

How to choose vodka. We study the label

Yes, and not about morality today, we are talking about, everyone chooses his own way to death. Based on the fact that not to drink at all, after all, an extreme measure, we will talk about how not to make a mistake in choosing this worthy, whatever you say, drink. So, what makes good vodka different from bad? In short - the degree of purification.

In Vino veritas, or what are some wines?

Perhaps, let’s skip the question today, “is it real wine, or is it still diluted alcohol tinted with some jam?” And we’ll only talk about wine destinations. In the shop windows there are dining and fortified wines. So what kind and how many kinds of wine to put on the holiday table, because they say that different alcoholic beverages should not interfere.

How to drink champagne?

However, leave the lyrics. Each of us still has a lot to do in the time remaining. So ... we continue our rapid preparation for celebrating the New Year. One of the most important attributes of this holiday is, of course, champagne. Vodka, wine or brandy are also respected by the people, but all their merits pale before such an indispensable attribute of the New Year's holiday feast, like champagne.

How to choose and drink mineral water?

It would seem that drinking water - it is water. But the real mineral water is capricious and requires delicate handling ... It is more precious than the most precious wines. For centuries and millennia, rainwater seeped through the layers of rock, naturally accumulating a variety of substances, dissolving minerals.

How to eat, or food myths around us

After the myth about the dangers of masturbation (ladies, pardon me!), The legends about tasty and healthy food are probably the most popular. The girls are trying to increase their bust, crunching cabbage and bread crusts, men want to regain their former fervor by eating bananas, at the same time pouring into their children liter of kefir for the latter's life expectancy.

How to choose chocolate, or How not to spoil the pleasure?

The main difficulty lies in the fact that, by its very nature, chocolate is sold packaged. Of course, you can meet options by weight, but we would advise you not to risk it. Not protected by wrappers and packages, this product rapidly loses its valuable properties during storage. An exception may be lumpy weight chocolate - but only in branded specialty stores, preferably directly at the manufacturing factories.

How to cook kefir and ice cream? Home Milk Tale

So, let's proceed to the preparation of kefir, and it would be better to say - a fermented milk product, because the output, depending on the initial data, may be either an acidophilic drink or full-bodied yogurt. We will decide on the necessary products and equipment. We need milk, preferably natural.

What invigorates better than coffee, or the Magic bush

Indians Guarani and Quechua traditionally used mate for relieving fatigue, for treating fevers and colds, in the years of famine, as a staple food that guarantees survival. And also - as a means for longevity, because in the tribes that actively use mate, there are many long-livers. It has been accurately studied that mate boosts immunity, normalizes pressure, improves memory, concentrates attention, reduces hunger, promotes food breakdown, washes away lactic acid after exercise, relieves fatigue and depression.

How to cook and drink coffee?

Coffee all over the world is not just a drink. This is a daily attribute of a businesslike, confident person. Without a cup of coffee, it is impossible to imagine any business negotiations, informal meetings, romantic dates, etc. Coffee has its soul. The main task of a person preparing coffee is not to deprive coffee of its soul, that is, its aroma, taste and aftertaste.

How to choose a beer?

As already mentioned, the name of the beer is necessarily on the label. It usually occupies the central part of the label (although there are exceptions) and plays the role of "bait" for the buyer or a kind of "lighthouse" that allows you to find your favorite beer on the rack with dozens and sometimes hundreds of competing bottles.

What to eat in Turkey, or Imam fainted

Everyone knows that the best cuisine in the world is French, then comes Chinese. Or on the contrary, other judges believe. Then they call it Italian, I even saw Russian cuisine in third place. But does anyone know that the third place is arguing, and not without reason, Turkish cuisine? Turkish cuisine originated as a fusion of Asian, European, African, and was influenced, above all, by the institute of palace cuisine at the courts of the Ottoman sultans.

What is summer? The benefits of seafood

If you decide to try seafood in a restaurant, choose a solid, well-established restaurant with a high cross and do not get carried away rarely ordered dishes. In this case, there will be more guarantees of the freshness of the source material. Mussels are a good source of iron, selenium and vitamin B12.

How to cook meat in three minutes?

This terrible weapon, invented in America, now serves for peaceful purposes in the kitchens of the whole world. We defrost, heat up, make popcorn and hot sandwiches in minutes. But the possibilities of a microwave oven are endless. In it you can bake bread and cakes, roast meat and chicken, cook squid.