How to equip our home? (Glance of the wise Chinese)

This article will discuss the identification of various zones that are responsible for certain conditions of our house (apartment) and their activation. Feng Shui has two main schools: the School of Forms and the School of the Compass. According to the first, attention is paid primarily to the geographical location of the landscape and housing construction, taking into account these provisions.

How to make friends with a guardian angel?

The answer was found by itself. I was about nine. Mom, brother and I settled in an old wooden house with terrible (for me!) Underground and no door to the attic. After the war, the meager rural life in the provincial urban area also did not inspire optimism. And if you take into account the stories of "knowledgeable" acquaintances about our new home, then, of course, my fears have gained an incredible scale.

What are dreams in reality?

The case described above happened in real life and with a real person. What was it? Hallucination? Mirage? Or maybe just a dream ... in reality. “Dreams come true” in our time are not uncommon, each of you, probably, came across this phenomenon, in science called hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucinations.

How to buy clothes?

After all, you probably noticed that one thing you can wear, without removing, for a very long time, feel comfortable and comfortable in it, and you want to throw off another one. And the reason is not that she is not beautiful and not fashionable, but simply she is not yours. It introduces some imbalance in your energy field, the violation of which can even lead to illness.

How many measurements in the universe?

AUM meets the accepted analogues of beauty and harmony and covers the largest number of existing philosophical, religious and esoteric theories. Its author, the famous scientist Mikhail Mikhailovich Nekrasov, proposes to put this system into practice for the physical and spiritual healing of a Man and the development of his natural psychic powers.

How to attract money?

How to attract money? The age-old worldly wisdom and newfangled trends in parapsychology agree on one thing: in order for the money to “go” to you, not from you, you need to treat money with respect and play according to special “money” rules. Let's start with the wallet. First, do not buy cheap wallets. They themselves carry the energy of poverty, and serious money has almost no chance to visit them.

What is numerology, or what do the numbers say?

Here will be the most ancient system, based on nine basic numbers - from 1 to 9 inclusive. All numbers greater than 9 can be reduced to one of the main ones by adding the component digits. For example, the number 34 will actually be a seven, you only need to add three and four, as well as with three-digit and four-digit numbers, you need to add up until you get a number that is in the range from 1 to 9.

Do we believe dreams?

She was about seventy. He is a little more. For several years now - each - they lived alone: ​​they both buried their spouses and while away their days as best they could. She did it: with energy, enthusiasm and altruism, you could always find a cause that was needed more by others than by herself. Well, she, of course, to feel needed, just even needed by people.

What do our dreams mean?

Lovers of gluttony should restrain their appetites, even in dreams. There are plums, carrots and even scrambled eggs - “a sign of illness,” boiled fish means “loss”, and butter is at the same time “a sign of future joy and envy between relatives.” Probably, this joy is due to the fact that some careless relatives burst with envy.

What is the "imperial size"?

The well-known thing Feng Shui claims that all objects in our field of vision, have either negative or positive effects. More precisely, not the objects themselves, but their sizes. The longer the contact with the object, the stronger the effect. If you eat every day at the table of "wrong" size, then there is nothing to complain about digestive problems.

How to protect yourself from an energy vampire?

There are several signs by which one can identify an energy vampire. 1. The main feature of a vampire is that they always annoy and excite other people. The reason for the quarrel can serve any little thing. They can also humiliate the interlocutor in the presence of others, laugh at him and play a trick on him to cause irritation.

How to escape from the black arrows? Part 1. Earth radiation

The problem of mysterious geopathic zones and the radiation of the Earth has long attracted people. One of the reasons for this was the high mortality rate (sometimes from generation to generation) of cancer diseases in people who lived in houses located in such zones. At first, doctors believed that all this was due to the genetic characteristics of families, and hereditary predisposition.

What advises feng shui for your office?

I believe that the relationship between man and his habitat is significant in the list of successes in his life. Our work can bring joy and inner comfort when we understand how to make this work serve the benefit of our personality. Satisfaction received from work depends not only on the availability of the necessary equipment and devices to perform the task, but also on the objects of our environment.

How to choose the best place of residence according to your zodiac sign?

An important role in this is played by the area where your “fortress” is located. Of course, in previous years, when you had to stand in a queue for an apartment for years, and the delivery of a warrant was almost an ultimate dream, you did not have to choose an area. It would be where to live. Now this issue is not so acute. Exchanges, apartment purchases have become the most common affair.

How to become happy with water?

To test this idea, he poured water into two glass bottles. On one of them I stuck a label with the inscription “Thank you”, and on the other - “You are a fool”. The experiment was a success - the “thank you” water reacted with the formation of amazing crystals that resemble beautifully cut diamonds. In the second bottle, the crystals did not appear.

How to apply feng shui in the office, or ten golden rules

How to find a good paying job with the help of feng shui? First you need to determine which energy professions are favorable for you. After all, high paying work does not mean that it suits you. It is very important that the energy of the profession is in harmony with your personal energy map. Then life at such a job will be bright and joyful, and this is exactly what we all strive for.

How to escape from the black arrows? Part 2. Created by Man

"And deliver us from evil." It should be noted that in urban conditions geopathogenic zones of artificial origin may arise, as a result of human activity: telephone, electrical and television networks, heat and water-sewer communications, various technical facilities. All this leads to the appearance in cities of a large number of energetically charged places, wandering electric currents, and various fields interacting with natural electromagnetic fields.