What did N. Vavilov do in science? This can be taken into account. But do not take into account - what he did not have time

And this was done by Vavilov Nikolai Ivanovich (November 25, 1887 - January 26, 1943), a Soviet geneticist, plant grower, geographer, biologist and creator of the modern scientific foundations of plant breeding, teaching about the world centers of origin of cultivated plants and their geographical distribution. Nikolai Vavilov discovered the same fundamental law of biology as the periodic system of Mendeleev is for chemistry.

How to get settled abroad, or Your Honor, Mrs. Alien!

In the first days upon arrival, buy a large, detailed map of the city where you will live, and hang it on your wall. This will help to navigate the new place. Quickly find the consulate of your country and, if you have it, its cultural center or club of compatriots. No one will teach the tricks of life in a foreign country better than your fellow countryman living in this land.

How to behave in the temple, or religious etiquette (Part 1)

Orthodox temple As a rule, Orthodox churches have three entrances: the main (western, opposite to the altar), the northern and the southern. The whole church building is divided into an altar, the temple itself and the porch. The altar is fenced off from the temple itself by an iconostasis, reaching in most cases to the ceiling. In the altar are the throne and the altar.

Who played women, or Hello, I am your aunt!

The whole story with the transformation into a woman began a long time ago. Even Sophocles, putting his own tragedy "Navsikaya", himself played the role of the main character. Next is the Shakespeare Theater and, of course, Kabuki. Traditions demanded that: all roles were performed only by men, and women were forbidden to appear on the stage.

How to visit Valaam as a tourist (or pilgrim)?

An excursion with a visit to the Transfiguration Monastery can be booked at any tour desk of the city of Petrozavodsk. The tour includes a bus ride to the town of Sartavala, a trip to the island on Lake Ladoga on “Rocket” for about an hour, a guided tour of the island with a visit to existing temples, a walking tour of the island and back to Petrozavodsk in the same manner.

How does music affect a person?

On the one hand, we will not exclude the so-called "human factor". After all, we are all different and the interest in musical directions is also completely individual. However, such an entertaining science as physics allows us to look at this question from a completely different perspective. The human brain is not very fond of high-frequency sounds.

How to behave in a restaurant?

By the way, how to contact the waiter? "Girl", "garson", "waiter" are unacceptable. Therefore, if for any reason the waiter did not introduce himself (although he must do this), do not hesitate to ask his name yourself. A lot of strange manipulations are sometimes made by guests with a napkin. The purpose of this item is simple: the napkin is unfolded and placed on its knees.

How to celebrate christening? Part two, holiday

According to the old Russian tradition, christening is a great homemade feast. His main treat is baptismal porridge, generously seasoned with milk, butter, sugar, decorated with halved boiled eggs. Even in this dish they baked a chicken or a rooster, depending on who was born: a girl or a boy. Grains of porridge symbolize fertility, large families; Milk "promises" mothers to feed the baby well.

How to celebrate christening? Part one, church

Here we will talk about the baptism of the Orthodox. Of course, this is more than just a beautiful rite. Parents who are going to baptize a child in the Orthodox Church, first of all, you need to get to know yourself better about faith - from spiritual books or from priests. It is very important to choose caring, conscientious godparents, or receivers.

How to conduct an eastern tea ceremony?

The famous Japanese writer Yamamoto Tsunetomo in Khakagure very succinctly and figuratively revealed the essence of the Japanese tea ceremony as a whole: “the meaning of the tea ceremony is to purify the six senses. For the eyes there are hanging scrolls and flower arrangements. For the nose there is incense. For the ears - the sound of boiling water. For the mouth - the taste of tea.

Who is Nostradamus and what should we expect in the future?

Now that Nostradamus was financially secure, he turned to mystical pursuits. He turned his attic into an astronomical observatory, where, having climbed a tripod, he contemplated the star vault of the heavens, claiming that the inner light and voice revealed to him the secrets of the future. Nostradamus wrote in an obscure dialect, based on modern French, using words and sentences from Italian, Greek, Spanish, Hebrew and Latin.

What is Round Robin, or How to play needlework?

Round Robin is a modern game for needlewomen. She is passionate about knitters and embroiderers around the world. How to play it and why it is so fascinating, you will learn from this article. But first, let us understand - and here, in fact, Robin? In fact, the game is so called not because it was invented by a certain Mr. Robin, but because, in English, the combination “round robin” means “circular system”.

How to become a gopnik?

Gopnik - people are extremely stylish, and since this is true, then they dress stylishly! Do you also want to wear caps, two-strip (and if status allows in the hierarchy of rial boys, then three-strip, four-strip) pants, the most fashionable sneakers of such popular companies as Adibas, Abidas, Abibas, Adidac?

Who is Carlos Castaneda?

There is very little reliable information about his life - mostly rumors and conjectures. It is precisely known that he wrote and published twelve best-selling books, and also founded the company Cleargreen, which still owns the rights to Castaneda's creative legacy. In Russia, the books of Castaneda appeared in the early 70s.

Who are metrosexuals? To be or not to be them?

In general, such a phenomenon as metrosexuals was always (just recall the classical literature), Simpson just gave a definition. Another thing is that this phenomenon has recently been drawing into its ranks an increasing percentage of representatives of the stronger half of humanity, who, having figured out "what's what", are no longer embarrassed to classify themselves as metrosexuals.

How to talk to God, or where does the road to the temple go?

Scientists have recently made the discovery that the soul is quite material and even has weight and location in the body. But we all know this for a long time. See how many words are associated with the soul in our language. "The soul hurts," "The soul rejoices," "The soul sings," "The beautiful soul of man." And everyone understands what is at stake.

What is our life? ...

For the idea of ​​living without thinking. Chew without thinking. Well, it's about the meaning of life. Or even about health. If only more. In reserve. Suddenly, tomorrow that with the dollar. Or what a cataclysm. All the time in suspense. The social structure of such. They chose themselves. And do not turn. We are like that. If that is conceived - then to the bitter end.

What is a flash mob?

First flashmob appeared quite recently. On flashmob sites, you can read that Bill, using sms and e-mail, collected about a hundred and fifty strangers who, on June 17, 2003, simultaneously entered the furniture department of Macy's and asked for “love carpet "for the" suburban commune "price of $ 10,000.

What kind of god Shiva is the Great Ascetic or the God of Sensuality?

Saivaism, along with Vishnuism, is a highly revered religion in India. This revelation is especially pronounced in the south of the country. The earliest image of Shiva belongs to the II or I century BC. er A stone-sculpted god in the Gudimallama temple (in the north of the state of Madras) stands against the background of a lingam (the phallus, the symbol of divine power), as if making up a single whole with it.