Was Pushkin's grandfather a weirdo?

Unfortunately, he did not live to see the birth of his famous grandson, having died 9 years before this joyful event. Maybe this is why we know so little about him, the much better known is the great-grandfather of a mother’s genius - arap Peter the Great. It’s even more pleasant to eliminate this gap ... So, Lev Alexandrovich was the son of the younger brother in the family of Pyotr Pushkin - Alexander - and from his young fingernails, as was customary in the Russian nobility, he was enlisted as an officer in an artillery regiment.

Who called "Hurry to do good"?

German by birth, he was fluent in languages ​​- Latin, Greek, French, but did not know a word in Russian. He was very talented and energetic, never took payment from the poor, acquired a great practice in Moscow and got rich quickly. In 1806, he treated the eye patients gratuitously and successfully in the Preobrazhensky Catherine's Almshouse, for which he was appointed empress head physician of the Pavlovsk hospital and in 1808

Why Utesov called artist of large and small theaters?

What do you think, what was young Lazarus most upset about when he was expelled from the Faig commercial school for poor academic performance and poor discipline? That's right: the fact that he, most likely, will no longer become a lepetutnik. I silently beg you, do not rummage through dictionaries. You will not find this word there anyway.

What was done with Einstein's brain after his death?

However, it was reliably established that the Polytechnic Federal School in Zurich, which Albert attended, was not very attractive for him. Absenteeism in the classes became more and more frequent, and the negligent student was firmly accustomed to the reputation of a completely incompetent young man. When the school course was left behind, no one wanted to hire young Albert, doubting that Einstein would not screw something up.

Which of the Brothers Grimm was a "literary Negro"?

In early childhood, Willie had had everything he could get, without even leaving the house. And if it were not for the love of mother, not lazy to get out of bed, even in the dead of night at the first squeak of the baby, it is difficult to say how this would have ended. Well still, the firstborn - Jacob - did not cause so much trouble, otherwise the poor woman would have had hard times.

What do we know about Mariss Jansons?

Possessing an amazing talent for conducting, Jansons quickly achieved worldwide fame and recognition. He possesses that amazing energy that the entire orchestra charges so that concerts, including classical music, are held with overwhelming success. The orchestra of the Bavarian Radio, headed by him, in a short time became one of the most famous orchestras in the world.

When do you risk running into a boycott?

Initially, the future blacksmith and automotive pioneer Clement Studebaker was born in the United States, and a year later, Charles Cunningham Boycott came to this world in the UK. If you focus on the horoscope, then both are bright representatives of Pisces. But since there are two Pisces in the horoscope - their fate may be the exact opposite.

What do we know about Borges?

So, I'll start my story. Jorge Luis Borges was born in Argentina in Buenos Aires, on the eve of the twentieth century, in 1899. His father, being a lawyer, was fond of literature. He composed poems, translated from English by Omar Khayyam and even wrote a novel. The paternal grandmother was English and believed that her grandson should receive an English upbringing.

How did the world know Van Gogh?

Vincent Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 in Holland, in the family of a pastor of a Dutch Protestant church. Whoever he was not in his life. He worked in the company engaged in the sale of objects of art, and a teacher, and parish priest, and finally an artist. The great Dutch painter in his life traveled a lot.

How did Levi Strauss invent the “riveted waistband”?

Yes, the family always lived very poorly. But no one will ever take away two things: a bright head and the existence of mysterious America! They say there are so many simpletons that you can do business out of thin air! And the existence of almost half a dozen older brothers and sisters is another great plus. By the time you rely, they have long figured out what better to do in life!

Why did Alexander Belyaev need the head of Professor Dowell?

Once both brothers went to visit his uncle, who invited the guys to ride a boat. The older one went, and the younger one stayed on the shore, saying that he would swim better. In the hands of Sasha was a piece of clay, from which he began to sculpt his brother's head. Realizing that he did not succeed, Sasha, with annoyance, threw a cast of the head into the water.

What is the famous father of Alfred Nobel?

But by that time, Emmanuel's father had retired and, "having tasted" the delights of civilian life, advised his son to tie up with the sea and switch to industrial construction. To this end, the young man entered the faculty of architecture and received a good education. At the dawn of a foggy youth, he met his future spouse - the daughter of the owner of several bookstores - Andrietta.

What do we know about the author of the "sweat wringing system" - the "father" of scientific management?

Unlike many of his peers, little Frederick visited many European countries by the age of 12, and later went to study first in France, and then to his father’s historical homeland - in Germany. And everywhere he, as they say, "round dance", could not be on the sidelines. And even in new school groups, he immediately tried to declare himself in full voice: knowledge of foreign languages ​​and rich erudition allowed him to quickly find friends, both from classmates and from teachers.

Who is Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking studied the fundamental laws that govern the universe. Among his publications are a number of well-known scientific works: “The large-scale structure of space-time” (co-authored with J. F. C. Ellis), “The General Theory of Relativity: A Review by Einstein’s Century” and “300 Years of Gravity” (both co-authored with V.

Who was the legendary Freddie Mercury? Part 2

Go to the first part of the article The band took the first confident steps in rock music in 1965. They signed a contract with a small American company for the release of one single. In the same year, "Smile" held the first series of concerts in colleges and clubs in England. Until 1979, the group changed six bass players until John Deacon came into it.

Who created the Russian porcelain? Part 2

However, the task of the Empress was not so much to start making porcelain under the guidance of an alien specialist, as to learn from its secrets. To this end, Elizabeth, “according to her highest whim,” commissioned the supervision of the future “manufactory” to Baron Cherkasov, the manager of her personal office. The same “for the supervision of the case of portselin” put the young Bergmeister Vinogradov in front of Gunger.