How to start a stalled car?

Well, why not an extreme situation? Meanwhile, with such symptoms in 99 cases out of 100, this engine for some reason lacks fuel. Exit the situation can be elementary. Splash a little (1-2 tablespoons) of gasoline from the bottle in your intake manifold, which you will have with you. If not, then pump up the fuel pump.

What is the alphabet of light signaling motorist?

Unfortunately, while driving, we are virtually unable to share any information with other drivers. The beep can be given not everywhere, and it is not very informative. Sign language is not visible even at a relatively close distance, especially if there is tinting on the glasses. There are only signals of headlights and other light devices of the car.

How does anti-radar work?

Indeed, what could be better: install this “weapon” against the traffic police, press the gas pedal to the floor and ride along the country road at inconceivable speed! However, such hopes for their own impunity, oddly enough, often end up with a fine or even deprivation of rights. The detector of a well-known foreign company is sometimes stubbornly silent even in the case when a foreign car hit the “sights” of the police radar.

How to repair electrics on the car, or not shining and not driving

And the first thing we look at is the generator. We strive to this view not just like that, but because our generator flatly refused to work, and we have to go on the battery. If this breakdown occurred on the Zhiguli, then you can get out of the situation as follows. To reduce energy consumption and, accordingly, to drive more, you should first turn off the excitation winding of the generator.

How to light a battery, or no lighters?

Let's start with the tricks of lighting up from you. This is when you graciously agreed to start someone else’s car from your battery. And here it should be clearly understood only one simple rule. Fit the car, drown it. And let them "light" as much as you like. The fact is that if you give a "light a cigarette" when the engine is running, then you will most likely fail the generator.

How not to drown in the car?

First, if the car fell into the reservoir (God forbid, of course) from the embankment or bridge, we don’t leave the car until it is completely immersed in water or, if small, until the wheels sink to the bottom. Otherwise, the rush of water can become your gravedigger. When it became clear that the machine is sinking, the first thing to do is to close the windows in order to slow down the diving process.

How to change a flat tire? A trifle, but unpleasant ...

The first thing that needs to be done is to park carefully at the edge of the roadway. You should not stop in the middle of the road, and even more so at the intersection. You probably already drove a couple of kilometers on a flat tire, so the extra few meters won't hurt him anymore. But the roadside outside the city - not the best place to repair, the soil may be weak to support the jack.

How to get rid of excess moisture. Dehydrating ... car.

Here, for example, you opened the car in the morning, started the engine - and immediately turn on the heated rear window. Then cut the heating and ventilation system to full capacity and direct the air flow to the frontal and side windows. By the way, while the cabin is warming up and airing in this way, it is best for you to be outside the car: trample near it, breathe in the fresh, frosty air.

How to buy a used car, or used on wheels

First, do not go buy a car in splendid isolation. Because, whatever you were the docks in the purchase of used cars - the numerical superiority of sellers over the buyer will certainly serve you a disservice. By the way, cunning Arab traders (and these people have a centuries-old experience of professional trading) never allow such an advantage, knowing full well that it is better to fool a buyer collectively.

How not to get into an accident, or the psychology of the driver

The fact is, science says in a low voice, that in order to ride along the motorway with the breeze, driving school skills are sometimes not enough. On the professionalism of the driver a huge, almost decisive role, have personal and psychological qualities. For example, professional drivers with approximately the same percentage of professionalism, good response, in a word, all the qualities necessary for driving, for some reason are clearly divided into two categories: some constantly get into accidents, and others almost never.

How to choose a car, or a woman behind the wheel

To begin with, are there any so-called "female" and "male" cars? Employees of the American magazine Forbes decided to study this question in detail and find out which cars are usually bought by men and which ones by women. It turned out that men prefer to take expensive Mercedes-Benz, BMW and all kinds of pickups, but girls prefer more affordable small two-door cars.

What's new in the SDA: a digest for a busy car enthusiast.

In addition, new standards for headlamps, turn signals and other automotive lighting devices have come into force. So, the headlights should be only white, the turn signals should be yellow or orange, the fog lights only white or yellow. All other glowing objects on the car are only red. So fashionable blue lights seem to be ending.

How to cope with uncontrolled drift?

The fact is that among some pessimistic motorists there is a perception that the consequences of a skid are fatal. Indeed, if the car will bring - the troubles can not be avoided. And why, we ask ourselves? Therefore, we will reply to ourselves that a skid plunges us into a panic, which in turn leads to significant fatal consequences.

Do women drive well?

It’s a well-known fact that women suffer less loss of attention while driving, and many men can envy their ability to concentrate on the road. Ladies perceive motor transport too literally and correctly. “A car is a means of transportation, so I’m just driving on it!

Where does the car's name come from?

It seems that those who fell out to name a new miracle of vehicles, picked up these charming words for a very long time, thought, chose ... And here and no, the founding fathers, without further ado, simply gave their “children” their own last names, in which, apparently, a happy future has already been concluded. For example, the enterprising Italians Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, perpetuated their Apennine names in equally beautiful cars.

What is car advertising?

Now on the roads of major cities you can see this type of advertising medium, as specialized semi-cargo cars. Surprisingly, in cities, automobile advertising can be (and turns out to be) more effective in terms of profitability than the direct use of a car for its intended purpose. Most often, an advertising vehicle is a Gazelle, on board of which, instead of a body, there is a shield or some kind of three-dimensional construction.

How should a traffic police inspector inspect a car?

What to do? What are the rights and obligations of the driver, and what are the inspector? To prevent police arbitrariness, the law established that drivers do not have to do everything, but only the legitimate demands of police officers. The circle of duties assigned to drivers at a meeting with the traffic police inspector is exhaustively defined by the traffic regulations.

How to avoid becoming a victim on the road?

“Chambers” Situation one: You are driving in the left lane, you have a car on the “tail” that flashes headlights and flashes aggressively, demanding to give way. You can leave only to the right, and there already hangs on your right rear wing (a dead zone that is not visible by most mirrors) another car.

How to enter Ukraine by car from Russia?

CUSTOMS RUSSIA. The first thing you encounter is Russian customs and border control. It requires filling out the Customs Declaration (for reasons I do not understand, they do not require it at all!). In order not to stand in line, I recommend to print the form from my site and fill it in advance. Before each Russian customs, "booths" are installed - insurance points.

What to do if your car got damaged due to holes in the road?

1. Call the traffic police to register the fact of a traffic accident; Do not touch the affected car, even if it is in such a form as it fell into a pit. 2. Before the arrival of the traffic police, try to find witnesses, write down their full name, home addresses, phone numbers. Pay particular attention to the witnesses on the state of the roadway, the size of the pit, if possible, take photographs.