How to defeat viruses, or April 1, 2002 from the birth of Christ

First, a brief educational program, for those who do not know. What is a computer virus? In a nutshell, this is a program created in such a way that, when activated in a computer environment, causes damage to the user. This damage can be from innocuous (say, at a certain time you will have some kind of informational message on the screen, usually of a joking nature) to terrifying, when important files become irreversibly lost or all information contained on the computer’s hard disk is erased.

What are emoticons, or SMS - emotional communication :-)

Meanwhile, even at the dawn of high technology, when sending anything other than text was a problem, people came up with a way out. And you, of course, know it - these are the very emoticons that are now firmly in use. But if the Internet forums have long since switched to graphic emoticons, then the technology of mobile phones in most cases requires text emoticons.

Where to find a job as a freelancer?

Who is a freelancer? This is a professional in his field, a mercenary upon execution, looking for a way to earn extra money (and sometimes to find a permanent salary on an “on-project” basis) without the formalities and difficulties associated with finding an “official” workplace. Of course, some may object to a variety of arguments, including the low security of such transactions and the frequent lack of guarantees, but this is not the point.

Are mobile phones harmful?

The first mobile phones appeared 20 years ago in Sweden. And immediately began to conquer the world with giant steps. Every year, the happy owners of "mobile phones" became more and more. And now, in our days, a decent part of the population, including the author of these lines, and I am sure that my reader, too, simply cannot live without mobile communication.

How not to get caught on the Internet?

Under the guise of a lottery, you receive a letter that you participated in the lottery by correspondence, your email address was chosen from several million of these addresses and, of course, you won. At first you do not believe and think that this is a hoax or a joke, but be that as it may, reply to this letter. And what the hell is not joking?

How to choose a mobile phone?

What should I look for when buying a mobile phone? The brand should always be guided by the leading electronics manufacturers, namely Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG. As a rule, the quality of their products is very high, but the risk of forgery is very high, so pay attention to the country of origin!

Should I buy a licensed operating system?

So, why do licensed operating systems buy? There are several reasons - the ability to update your system via the Internet; the company where the computer was purchased makes repairs in the presence of an installed licensed operating system; the desire to be a law-abiding citizen (citizen); licensed third-party software is used; fear of damaging computer hardware.

Who is the referral?

So, a referral is a person who works on the Internet and the percentage of his income goes to the “owner”, in turn, the owner can also be someone’s referral. All referrals are divided into levels - they are of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. level, as much as the system supports. For each project referrals are recruited separately.

How to chat?

Naturally, spending most of my leisure time on the Internet, any, mostly young person, cannot deny himself in an attempt to find like-minded people or make romantic contacts, which is easiest to happen in the so-called chats. Chat (from the English. What - "conversation") - this is such a large virtual room, where everyone is talking to each other in a common window, and an inexperienced visitor, at first, to keep track of the conversation is almost impossible.

How to search for information on the Internet?

So, you entered the search server, scored the required line and ... there is nothing or almost nothing. Most likely, you have entered too detailed or a specific request. In this case, I can advise you to make a search phrase correctly. For example, instead of “Classification of coniferous trees in the reserves of the middle belt”, it is better to type “Coniferous species reserves”.

How to choose a hosting provider?

The speed of the channel hosting provider largely determines the speed of loading the site in the browser, especially with a large number of users. If you want your site to load quickly, then you need a hosting provider with fast Internet channels. The reliability of the hosting is determined by the reliability of the computer equipment used.

How to virtually meet a girl?

Dating sites Pros: the ability to search by many criteria, ranging from the location of the location, ending with hair color. In other words, you have the opportunity to choose a girl (or even several) from the category of those who you like, living with you in the same city, in a matter of minutes. Also, you get, thanks to the questionnaires, a complete alignment of the girl's interests, her preferences, goals, as a result - you have a lot of topics for conversation.

What technologies are better to make sites?

The emerging question - is there a modern and universal technology supported by most hosting providers, you can give a firm answer - yes, there is. Such technologies include the scripting programming language PHP (read pee-eych-pee) and the MySQL database. Both the first and second relate to open source technologies, that is, these technologies can be used for free, they are developed and supported by a large number of programmers-enthusiasts of the whole world, this is their main difference from closed commercial technologies such as ASP, SQL.

How to choose an LCD monitor?

The situation has changed a lot in the last couple of years - now the LCD is almost equal in price to CRT monitors and, most likely, by 2007 it will completely push the latter out of the market. There remains the eternal question of choice - which of the variety of monitors to choose? If you take your soul mate with you for a purchase, then the selection criteria can drastically decrease: - I want this one!

How to secure your computer? Part 4 - E-fraud.

So, a little excursion into the theory of Internet deceptions. But first I want to note that everything that you read is written only to help you avoid losing your money and nerves. You should not use this material to deceive other users of the world wide web. It is against the law! "Nigerian Letters" One of the oldest "methods of withdrawing money from the public."