Can cats be trained at home?

I love these mysterious little animals like cats - the usual Murok and Barsikov! However, in relations with them there are a lot of problems. For example, have relations between them and us (people) changed over the course of long centuries? Have they become clearer to us, and we closer to them? These questions are not as easy to answer as it seems at first glance.

How to understand a cat?

In general, these animals are very emotional. Domestic cats suffer from loneliness, boredom, fear or stress. The latter is expressed in different ways: from the endless licking to the departure of need in the wrong place. Many problems of the behavior of cats are caused precisely by this subtle sensitivity, and in order to solve them, one must learn to look at the world through the eyes of a cat.

How to train a dog to perform basic commands?

The best option for training a dog is, of course, to turn to the help of a professional dog trainer, sign up with a dog for courses or take individual lessons. However, this will require funds, and often considerable ones. And perhaps it will be necessary to have transportation for the “student” trips to the “dog” school, because such a school is not always nearby, and not every dog ​​can go by bus or subway.

How to avoid becoming a victim of "forest vampires"?

The sun is warming, the skin from sunburn is bursting, and instead of a mattress rest, you jump on the spot, clap hands on the bodies, send curses to the sky? Worse than tigers in our forests are ... mosquitoes. Remedies for them are divided into home and grand weekend. Home include mosquito nets on windows (the greater the density, the better), rosette tablet fumigators or bottles with a special liquid.

How to wean a pet from bad habits?

How many pairs of shoes were torn by a puppy during a tooth change? How many meters of wallpaper suffered from growing kitten claws? And it happens that adult bred animals begin to "kink". How to rehabilitate a household pest? The first method, "Crime and Punishment" is effective only if the punishment is immediately after the offense.

How to make a cow lie down and why does she need a manicure?

A cow often has limbs in the winter, mainly due to the untimely clearing of the hooves and trimming of the grown hoofed horn. In cattle, the horn wall of the hoof grows by 6-8 mm per month. During the pasture period, when an animal is walking, it is erased and the shape of the hoof is disturbed. In winter, when movement is limited, the horn grows excessively and the hoof deforms, taking in untreated cases an ugly shape that is difficult to correct.

What do piranhas eat, or want to swim in the Amazon?

Virgin Selva (tropical rainforest) with bloodthirsty jaguars and caimans, harmless manatees, colorful parrots and noisy monkeys. And from time to time there are reports of finding a tribe that lives in the Stone Age and does not know anything about our world. But, probably, the most stories were about the small piranha fish living in the Amazon and its tributaries and in several other rivers in South America.

How to understand a dog?

The dog is a direct descendant of wolves, it has an unusually developed pack instinct. It does not depend on the breed, size and education. All dogs see their security as a hierarchy, led by a strong and wise leader. And this leader should be the owner - you. The dog will constantly check if you are strong and smart enough to ensure the safety of its “pack”.

How to achieve increased shaggy sheep?

Products made from sheep's wool are warm, light, the body “breathes” in them. From time immemorial, sheep dress man. Most wool is obtained from fine-wool sheep - Askanian, Soviet Merino, Altai, Caucasian. When buying lambs worth taking care of choosing the right breed. In the conditions of central Russia, Soviet merino and Altai sheep are the best "woolen".

How to choose a kitten name?

Most people, probably without thinking twice, call their kittens the Cannons, Barsikas, Muskas, without putting in a special nickname a special meaning and fantasy. The names of pedigreed animals are also not much different from non-pedigree, mostly they are long, consisting of several parts and more titles to the royal.

How to choose a cage for domestic birds?

The shape of the cells and its size depend on what bird they are intended for and for what purpose you are going to keep it. Males of songbirds are kept separately in small cells, which makes it possible to fully enjoy their singing. Kenar or goldfinch and other songbirds of small size are kept in cages 50 cm long, 35 cm high and 30 cm wide.

Can a turtle replace a cat? Byl for children and adults

The turtle, like a turtle, rustles to itself (that is why Shun) in its aquarium with paper, hides in its shell when the hostess appears. Especially not communicate. “Well,” Yulia decided, “not with her, then at least about her. I read. In the literature nothing fundamentally new was said. I was only interested in the fact that turtles can be fed with cereals, and it was claimed that turtles are vegetarians.

What and when to feed the pigs?

Many pig breeders are concerned with the question - when should we start feeding the piglets, and is it necessary? Need to lure. Early fertilization (preferably diverse) accelerates the development of the digestive organs of babies, in the stomach hydrochloric acid, which has a detrimental effect on pathogens, begins to be released in the stomach.

How to grow rabbits for meat, skins and a tribe?

Contained until November all together in a large cage. In the summer I fed plenty of grass, and then hay. Often gave spruce feed, pine needles. When they dug up the potatoes, he began to cook it for rabbits. I hindered her with mixed fodder and took them out a little every day. Since November, he released everyone into the pen, where the animals had free rein and they multiplied well.

How do pets like us?

For example, a jersey cocker grabbed onto the pants of his master Tom Owen as he was heading for a friend to fly in his private jet. Usually the quietest and gentle dog whined and snarled menacingly. And when the owner is still going to leave, bit him on the leg, which caused the serious wrath of the whole family. And the next morning it became known that a friend crashed on a plane: he crashed into a rock.

What did the grasshopper say, or Why do animals make sounds?

However, thousands of years passed before it became clear that our “smaller brothers” can speak. Their words are sound signals in which the most diverse information is encoded. With the help of sound signals, forest dwellers tell about themselves: what species and sex they belong to, what intentions they have at the moment - are they going to bravely defend their territory or convene their fellow tribesmen for lunch.

How to keep, feed and water the cow?

The best doinitsa are most likely to be found among purebred animals of specialized dairy breeds: black-and-white, Kholmogory, Yaroslavl, red steppe, or combined (in milk and meat): Simmental, Schwyz, and others. True, purebred cows rarely fall into the private farm.

How to beat the disease with the help of animals?

The only thing that people need to remember: other people's animals are not suitable for animotherapy - you have to be emotionally connected with the animal, understand each other, then the result of communication will pleasantly surprise you. So, the dog. Atherosclerosis, overweight, stress, heart disease and blood circulation, rheumatism can leave you alone, if at least half an hour twice a day to walk your pet (and at the same time move and breathe fresh air).

What if the cat ignores the cat toilet?

When you just brought a kitten to the house. Know, cats feel better if they have two toilets: for “big” and for “small”. It happens that the kitten “behaved decently”, while he lived with his mom, and you began to “walk” anywhere. Perhaps he does not like the filler in the toilet. Find out which filler used by the previous owners.

What to do if a friend is suddenly lost?

Cats before the walk, too, does not hurt to hoist on the neck of such a nominal medallion, if, of course, you really care about the welfare of your pet. I know from experience that this is not a simple matter (especially if the cat has not been accustomed to a collar since childhood). But after some time, she will cease to be angry with you.