How to return to weekdays after the New Year holidays?

Proper rest

Blissful doing nothing, especially after a busy end of the year - that's fine. But after a week of relaxation to return to the operating mode is especially difficult. It is better if the rest will combine active activities - walking, playing sports, visiting theaters, museums, visiting guests, and passive - watching TV, reading books, sitting at the computer. Ideally, active activities are best planned for the first half of the day, and passive ones - for the second.

Change impressions and go on a journey - a great vacation option. The main thing is to plan a trip so as to return two days before going to work. This will help to adapt in advance and not become sad in the first working days.

From holidays to weekdays

In order to re-tune to the working wave, it takes time. On the first working days (this year we were lucky - there will be only three in a row) it is better to focus on planning future business, trips and meetings.

After a collective discussion of the holidays spent, it is worth starting to think about ... new holidays and upcoming holidays. Psychologists say that thoughts of a new vacation will avoid negative experiences.

The end of the New Year holidays is the best time to give yourself a gift in honor of the onset of working everyday life. You can go to beauty treatments, to the hairdresser, buy a new dress, boots, movie tickets, etc., the main thing is to give yourself something that gives you pleasure. To do this, you need to plan in advance in your budget pleasant acquisitions and do not let everything that has been acquired by overwork to New Year's entertainment.

In the New Year - with new goals

When, if not after the holidays, to set goals (the most goal-oriented can begin to do it on holidays) and the ways to achieve them.

If last year you could not approach the solution of this or that problem, now is the best time. We all love to promise ourselves from the New Year to quit smoking, to start playing sports, etc. It is important to use this feature of the psyche, as long as the charge “from scratch” is strong.

Friends and colleagues who can be asked to play the role of coaches can help in this difficult task. In addition, communication is another invaluable way to energize and charge others with it.

In a healthy body healthy mind

Physical form, and along with it moral, will help to return the change in diet, bath, physical activity.

First of all, you need to help the body get rid of excess.

  • The most famous absorbent is rice, especially brown.
  • Carrots reduce intoxication due to its disinfectant properties.
  • Beet dishes help relieve the liver.
  • It should be temporarily excluded from the menu, spicy, fatty, fried, pork, lamb.

Focus on products that contribute to the development of the so-called happiness hormone - serotonin. These are seafood, chicken, dairy products, nuts and, of course, chocolate is the main source of good mood.

Increase the amount of vitamins. In winter, their source may be dried fruits, in which useful substances are better preserved than in other foods. In addition, there are many pectins in dried fruits - dietary fiber that will help the stomach and intestines that are tired of the holidays digest food, as well as potassium, which removes excess salt from the body. Dried fruits can be consumed independently, as well as adding to cereals, making compotes and brewing teas.

To give food for the mind, that is, our brain, we need foods that are rich in glucose — macaroni, potatoes, grains; sweet fruits - bananas, pears; as well as containing vitamin B rye bread, cereal, fish. Very useful citrus and sour berries - cranberries, lingonberries.

A visit to the bath will help you quickly get rid of metabolic products and feel reborn - of course, in the absence of contraindications (serious diseases of internal organs, problems with blood vessels and pressure, etc.). Bath can replace the pool.

To increase the speed of metabolic processes, you need to increase physical activity.

  • On weekdays, try to walk at least once a day at a fast pace for 30–40 minutes.
  • Instead of an elevator, climb your floor on foot
  • On weekends, skiing, skating, and long walks in the woods or the park are ideal.
  • Winter is a good time to play in the open air with the whole family. Adults and children will get vigorous state of mind for playing snowballs, making snowman, sledding.

Let the feeling of the brightness of life be preserved every day of the coming year!

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