What do grown-up grandchildren say about grandmothers? As a joke and seriously ...

Very adult grandchildren are capable even of philosophical understanding of their own capabilities, resorting to the image of a grandmother. So, even Albert Einstein once suggested that you really understand something, if you can explain it to your grandmother. And composer V. Borisov noted:

“Creative imagination is the dreams of a young spirit. And it is stronger than that artist, who still remembers grandmother's fairy tales. ”

Some, matured, think of a stern confession:

“It’s bad that grandmother, big and strong, gives you one thousand rubles for his birthday, but that you really count on them.”

But the grandchildren still need to grow up to this wisdom, but as long as the energy of hormones boils up in them, not balanced by reason, self-control and everyday experience, they notice around themselves first of all what is able to put them in a favorable light. In short, they assert themselves.

The grandmothers at the same time gets, of course, for being outdated. For example, what a joke did the granddaughters do to the old woman who came from a deaf village to visit and had no idea about the electric ignition of the stove: he convinced her that, turning the knob, you should exclaim three times: “Aishwarya Rai”! An angry boy, he did not doubt that Grandma would cook dinners. And the one that is called, “bought” and innocently shouted the name of the Indian film actress at each approach to the city unit, replacing the village furnace, to the unwise pleasure of the teenager.

But in contrast to this idiot, the other grandchildren, and, most likely, above all, the granddaughters do not mock the grandmother’s cooking, but, on the contrary, exclaim, “The worst thing is when grandmother says you need to lose weight "! And they welcome the knowledge of the grandmothers, "that we want the thickest piece of the pie." And they ask each other: “Does your grandmother also feed you all the time as if you were eating for the last time in your life?” And even on Victory Day they chant: “Thank you grandfather for the Victory and grandmother for pancakes!”

They are not even offended every time, if a smart old woman calls for lunch, and as soon as her grandson gets up from behind the computer, she will immediately take a vacant place to play solitaire. But the grown-up naughty kids still make fun of their grandmothers on a satiated stomach, sometimes exaggerating situations to anecdotes:

- Editorial, remove the running line! My grandmother takes her for karaoke and starts singing!

- Grandma, seeing me talking to my friends on Skype, went to talk with the president on TV.

- My grandmother does not allow to put the disks on the dining table, because they are afraid that the viruses will crawl away!

- And Babana stated to me that “I shoved a plate with an apple under the leg of the bed,” so that it would not swing.

“And I brought my cell phone with a screwdriver so that I could transfer time to her for an hour.”

- My, having learned that I sit Vkontakte, asked to explain. No matter how hard I figured out, I decided they were being recruited into the FSB.

- Similarly. I told my grandmother that I entered to study as a programmer. She now tells her neighbors that I repair TVs and breed mice.

- Is that ... my, flipping through photos in the iPhone, slobbering fingers.

- Well, at least without a loss. But I left the laptop on the floor, and my grandmother decided that it was a scale. In short, 35 thousand cost it to weigh.

- Our grandmother, leaving home for Uryupinsk, sent a text message from the train with the text “I started moving,” and we did not immediately understand what it was about ...

Young people are surprised at the naivete of a person who has lived in his lifetime for so many years: “Can you imagine, grandmother still believes that she gives me money for ice cream.” However, it does not interfere with asking me for money with pedantic regularity. But after all, they are proud of their own way, tomboy, declaring:

“I don't care what you think of me.” My grandmother thinks of me as the sun, and I myself will decide whom to shine and who not to shine!

- But my grandmother is listening to Linkin Park!

- And my old women in the yard are called a witch for being able to send SMS.

- And we have a grandmother said that "expel" from her sister emo, and coped at times with the help of prayer and tickling.

- Our granny is the kindest. He watches all football and hockey matches, but shouts and waves his hands. We ask for whom you support. It turns out for those who fall.

Curious dialogues of teenagers with grandmothers. For example, about old age. Granny, of course, has a definite and well-known opinion. Her grandson replies: “And when our generation retires, we will play games on the Internet and communicate, not rising, once our arms and legs work poorly”. The grandmother objects not without reason: “So in old age and brains will dry up, what is there to do on the Internet without them”? But the grandson remains with his opinion: “You, granny, just do not know that many people don’t have brains now, they are still jostling in the Internet.”

Young descendants can learn something from their grandmothers. They say that the grandson, who spent all summer with his grandmother in the village, measures pressure better than a local doctor. And if the grandmother advises, “don't all blurt out to your girlfriend, share your pillow better,” then this may not be right away, but you will understand.

In addition, the grown-up grandchildren appreciate the grandmother for the fact that she is the only person who can endlessly complain about her parents. Joke, of course. But seriously - for the fact that he selflessly and disinterestedly loves them, forgives everything and considers them good, no matter what. Even if, repeatedly reviewing the children's photos of the beloved darling, he mumbles: “Where have we missed you, my dear”?

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