Can love make our children happy?

All of us, parents, really want to make our children happy. We strive to ensure that they experience happiness not only because they are fully provided for everyone, but also because it is easy for them to go through life. And for this you need to teach the child to perceive the world positively, to build relationships with others correctly, to rest and work with pleasure, to overcome difficulties and even accept the fact that in life he may not always be happy.

For a long time, many different recommendations have been offered to help in the upbringing of children, starting with ancient biblical truths, proverbs, works, and ending with modern scientific works. Indeed, both popular wisdom and modern methods and techniques used to raise children are very useful and effective. But education without love will never bring a child happiness. Therefore, parents and educators need to think: are we raising children with love, or are we only fulfilling our duties as parents or educators?

The main law of education, and indeed our whole life consists precisely in love. This comes from the Bible, when Jesus Christ called to love his neighbor. After all, with love comes patience, forgiveness, understanding. Therefore, the most effective and effective way of education is parental love for children and for each other.

If parental love is real, sincere, unconditional, then the same love arises in the children’s response. The family lives in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, normal human communication, mutual assistance. And the grown children continue to live in this atmosphere, providing a happy old age to their elderly parents. If a child is well, comfortably, safely in a family, he will want to return there all the time. If the child does not feel loved, needed, meaningful, then such a family is not a joy to him, but a burden, and he will go to look for another society where he will be shown attention, interest, approval. And where such a road will lead is unknown.

But parental love should not be blind. Justifying themselves that the child is still small or does not know how, they deprive him of their independence, do not allow themselves to fill their own bruises and bumps, in order to learn to navigate in the turbulent flow of life. Protect him from anxiety and frustration, instead of helping to deal with these problems. Such love is unlikely to prepare a child for life and form the right attitude towards her. We should not be afraid of conflicts with our children, because they help convey their demands to children. And children learn conflicts to live in the real world and to distinguish the good from the bad. Just need to remember that it is necessary to clash in the case, without humiliation and insults.

The life of children depends on what rules apply in the family. If the family has an atmosphere of love, a positive attitude towards others, peace, optimism, energy, the desire to enjoy life, kindness, sensitivity, sincerity, then the same will happen in the family of the child. After all, children take over from their parents. Therefore, before being engaged in raising a child, it is necessary to create an environment in the family in which the child simply cannot help feeling happy.

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