Repair in the apartment. What stages does it include?

As experience shows, it is necessary to repair the apartment entirely. And similar stages of work, especially “dirty”, such as removing old whitewash, installing windows, not to mention dismantling and rearranging partitions, do better simultaneously in all rooms so that it does not work that in one room they already hung wallpaper, and in the other whitewash is still washed from the ceiling.

Apartment renovation can be divided into the following stages:

1. Development of the project.
2. Preparatory.
3. Rough finish.
4. Fine finish.
5. The final stage.
6. Delivery of the apartment.

By the time each of them (except for renting an apartment) takes from two weeks to two months. Such a long time frame can be explained by many factors:

• Type of building in which the apartment is located.

• The size of the area in which you want to make repairs.

• Number of partitions to be dismantled and erected, etc.

Now we will consider each stage of repair in the apartment in more detail.

1. Development of the project

This is one of the main stages in which you decide what your future home will look like. There are two approaches here. The first is to trust designers. Now the market has a large selection, ranging from professional studios, ending with students of higher and secondary educational institutions. Secondly, you yourself will have to dream and think about how you want to see your apartment.

Regardless of which option you choose, the main thing is that you have a clear idea of ​​what will happen in the end. And it is better that you have a plan (drawing) of an apartment.

After the development of the project, we proceed directly to the construction works.

2. Preparatory stage:

• Disassembly.

• Garbage removal.

• Installation of partitions and drywall constructions.

3. Rough finish:

• Plaster walls and ceilings.

• Laying electrical cables, TV and telephone cabal, Internet.

• Laying of hydro and noise insulation.

• The device cement-sand screed with reinforcement.

• Plumbing and plumbing.

• Installation of filters and gearboxes.

• Offset, if necessary, of the risers for heating, cold and hot water, provision for additional radiators.

• Installation of metal entrance door.

• Laying of pipes and wires for the air conditioner, installation of the external unit.

• Laying underfloor heating.

• Laying the liner under the towel warmer.

• Installation of mounting frames for hinged plumbing.

• Installation of window blocks and window sills.

• Installation of plug boxes and terminal boxes.

• Bath installation.

4. Fine finish:

• Laying tile.

• Installation of plasterboard structures on the ceiling, or preparation for the installation of a stretch ceiling.

• Primer walls and ceiling.

• Pasting of walls and ceiling with reinforcing mesh.

• Putty walls and ceilings.

• The device of decorative niches.

• Installation of sockets and switches.

• Installing ceiling moldings.

• Painting the ceiling.

• Wall decoration.

• Laying of the main floors.

5. The final stage:

• Final painting of ceilings.

• Final wall decoration (decorative plaster, painting, wallpapering).

• Laying laminate flooring, etc.

• Installation of plinths.

• Installation of decorative covers of sockets and switches.

• Collection and installation of electrical panel.

• Door installation.

• Installation of floor heating regulators.

• Installing a heated towel rail and radiators.

• Installation of sanitary equipment.

• Installation of fixtures.

• Installation of air conditioners.

• Installation of decorative products and accessories.

6. Delivery of the apartment:

• Removal of construction equipment.

• Cleaning.

And this is not a complete list of works that may be included in these stages, since repair is an individual matter. Therefore, the above order of works is simply taken as a basis, adding something of your own and taking into account your desires and possibilities.

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