How to make a beautiful and healthy soap with your own hands?

Some enterprises, knowing how much people, and especially women, pay attention to their appearance, began to produce soap with a scrub. Others simply varied the flavors of an already existing range. The most enterprising try to prove that their soap is not only beautiful, but also useful. After all, the public soap is made from the cheapest fats and with the addition of artificial flavors and dyes.

But why take a word when it is easy to make this soap at home. Rather, finish. The basis is better to take the usual baby soap - there are no harmful additives. Before you begin the process of soap production, you can walk to the shops selling hand-made soap, pick up ideas. You can also involve children in this process, although adult help will be required.

So, we will need:

- soap (preferably baby) solid;
- vegetable oil;
- essential oil (oils);
- glycerin soap (for decoration).

We proceed to cooking. Three soap-based on a fine grater. The smaller, the better - the more quickly dissolve. Fill the chips with boiling water (about a glass or a little less for a piece of soap) so that the water covers the soap. We put our preparation in a water bath and wait for the soap to completely dissolve. And in order to brighten up the waiting, let's move on to decorating the future of soap.

It all depends on your imagination. For this purpose, we cut out various figures, sticks and shavings from glycerin soap and put them into prepared forms. The more interesting the form, the better, as you understand. Suitable for baking or playing in the sandbox. Maybe anything at hand, the desired shape. Subsequently, the soap is easily removed, because fat is enough.

After the soap has dissolved, we add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil (olive, sea buckthorn, regular sunflower, or even pure chocolate can be added - it all depends, again, on your imagination). Warning: not to be confused with essential oil!

Remove from heat and add 4−5 drops of essential oil. In this case, “the more the better” is not suitable, so be careful. At this stage, the soap can be divided into several parts and add to each what we want: ground coffee, oatmeal, grated coconut - for scrub, cinnamon, dried herbs (chamomile, mint, rose petals, pine needles, seaweed, orange slices or lemon, cut at the edges).

By the way, after various experiments with the addition of dyestuffs, it was noticed that soap can take on a completely different color from the intended one. Fill the soap in the form, you can alternate between different layers. Soap should harden. Who is in a hurry, can put the form in the fridge. Remove the solidified soap from the mold and leave to dry for several days. Dry soap can already be used, and if the fantasy did not disappoint and turned out to be a real masterpiece, then it can be presented as a gift.

Successes to you in "mylotvorchestvo"!

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