What wallpaper to choose?

First, let's define the color of the wallpaper.

Designers know how to turn the disadvantages of a room into wallpaper with the help of wallpaper. For example, if your room goes to the dark side and the sun is a rare guest in it, then boldly choose a light scale - it can be light brown, lemon, uncertain orange, pale green, yellow shades. In principle, everything that can additionally add comfort and visually brighten.

Owners of rooms that go out on the sunny side, you can advise to stop your eyes on the darker and more saturated "clothes" - blue-black, dark brick, emerald. Their task is not to emit light, but rather to absorb it.

If your room can not boast of "growth", then ... no, we will not break the ceiling - we will choose "zebra-like" wallpaper with vertical stripes.

Sailor colors with horizontal lines look no less impressive, but you should choose it if you want visually increase the size of the room. Also helpers in this can serve as a wallpaper with a large pattern, such as huge flowers or circles.

The scourge of many apartments is wall irregularity. Ideally, you need to align the putty. But if you did not graduate from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and you don’t have enough money to use the services of a painter, then “dress” the walls in bright clothes with a discreet pattern

With a color spectrum decided? It's time to choose your own wallpaper!

Economy class is paper. What is their advantage? Of course, in the price. This is the best choice in the nursery: not only are there many colors, and even they are considered to be breathable. And the last argument in their favor is the opportunity to change often, it would not be a pity if the child decided to show his artistic data on them.

Of course there are wallpapers paper double layer. What's the Difference? Two-layer more durable, as impregnated with a moisture-resistant composition, this means that they can be cleaned with a damp cloth. It is a pity that such wallpapers will not withstand more than 17 wet cleaning.

But vinyl - can be washed not only with a sponge, but also with a brush dipped in an aqueous solution with detergents. In addition, they are very durable. Needless to say that vinyl wallpaper almost does not fade and can serve faithfully as much as 20 years! But their disadvantage is that they are “not breathing”, because of this, such wallpaper is not the best choice for the bedroom.

Today, a novelty is considered natural wallpaper. Produce them only from environmentally friendly raw materials, they can be combined as a fabric, and plates of tree bark, as well as bamboo, cane, sisal and other materials. Naturally, they are expensive, but look divine, and besides, perfectly absorb the sound. However, there are several drawbacks - they collect dust and absorb odor. You can only care for them with a vacuum cleaner.

And it’s impossible not to say about the “builders dream” - fiberglass. They are excellent sound and heat insulators. Basically, they glue over the walls on which cracks have appeared, because these wallpapers are capable of “holding” them. The glass wall mounters for sale are sold, their price is not very high. But they will last a long time. But do not forget that this wallpaper after pasting must be painted.

That already bought wallpaper! And how to glue something?

Be sure to remove the old wallpaper. If the “predecessors” do not respond, then moisten them with warm water, so they will quickly leave their place.
Then the walls should be primed (funds for this are sold in every hardware store).
The next stage is pasting. We cut the wallpaper with glue (for each type there is a type of glue) and leave to soak for a few minutes. Paper can “get enough” in 4 minutes, vinyl - in 7 minutes, and in natural this process will take about 12 minutes. We stick the impregnated wallpaper onto the prepared walls from window to door (so that no transitions were visible).
There is one trick - paper should be glued overlap, and the rest butt. Glued wallpaper should be smoothed with a rubber roller, from the middle of the canvas to the sides (This method is called Christmas tree).

Have a nice repair! Let the selected outfits for the walls delight you and bring only positive emotions into your apartment!

Watch the video: Tips For Choosing The Right Wallpaper (March 2020).


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