Little lie - big lie?

When you don’t want to be driven to bed as a child, because there is some very interesting Anacond film on TV, you start moaning: “I love snake films, well, let me sit down for a while!” You lie down on the sofa and stare at all eyes are breathtaking ... Only at 11 o'clock in the evening, and so inexorably pulls to sleep ... But you are not a wimp and do not give up: rush your little green buttons on the screen, where the anaconda eats the gaping traveler once again. Here she sneaks up behind him, now opens his snake mouth ...

- Are you sleeping?

You fly up like a pancake on a hot pan: “What are you talking about? I watch a movie! ”, And immediately try to catch events running around the screen, and even insert some effective phrases, like:“ Hoo! Well, it is necessary, as all! ". Adults believe, and are allowed to look further.

When suddenly inadvertently you unstuck your mother's cup, and your parents come running up to the ringing and crashing, you think with horror about the impending punishment. But mom rushes to you and asks: "Does it hurt?" Not a bit to you, but you immediately start crying and wailing that the cup fell on your leg and possibly cut it to the bone ... You stroke your knee, check it and calm down, comfort you scared - supposedly. But for the cup did not abuse.

When you do not want to go to school, you need to pretend to be sick. You start to cough quietly - so that mom can hear. When she comes, you ask her in a weak voice to bring hot tea and a thermometer. While in a mug pouring juice with raspberry jam, you zealously rub a thermometer on a carpet hanging on the wall. Sometimes it helps, and you stay at home, giggling with pleasure over classmates, who are now stomping on the frost on math.

When you buy yourself two bars of chocolate for the money that you were given on the buns, and you eat them, along with the change that you had to bring back, you get scared. You immediately begin to tell the story that the buns in the dining room have risen in price, they have completely gone mad there, because you have no money left. Parents resent injustice, and try to call cool. You start to dissuade them with horror so that they do not set you up, and the barmaid will damage you and put soda in a roll. But mom just gets distracted by some business, and decides to call the classroom later. And then you walk for three days, and you shake and think, and what if they understand?

They all understand, dear friend! And your little innocent cheats, and a big intentional lie. They just love you, and want to believe that you will ever change for the better. If you tell the truth, at least to them, they deserve it.

- I do not smoke.
- No, I did not take this money!
“This semester is fine with grades.
- Mom, I'm not drunk.
- Mom, I'll call you.

A little lie is a big lie ...

Watch the video: Big Little Lies: Season 2. Official Trailer. HBO (March 2020).


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