TV as a member of the family. How to take care of him and where is his best place in the house?

Once I talked to a disabled person who spends most of his life in a wheelchair. He himself - a builder, once fell at a construction site from a not very great height, but fell unsuccessfully. He injured his spine, and since then his life has changed dramatically. So he even admitted that the TV for him - an animated face. He calls him, for some reason, “Klava,” talks to him, asks questions, and argues with the characters on the screen. TV for many means a lot, sometimes more than close people!

While watching television remains the world's most popular leisure time. Now there is a TV in almost every room of the house or apartment. Often in the kitchen, where, in principle, people should EAT, also put or hang up a small (usually) TV. And TV is installed even in the baths and, sorry for naturalism, in the toilets! This is done, apparently, if Teleman has constipation. To not be bored during the long "get-togethers".

Are there any rules for the location of the TV in our home? How harmful is this “family member” with a rectangular screen? Is it anyway to care for him, as a family member?

Which TV to buy?

Modern TVs are much more friendly to the human eye and body than the old tube and other bulky models. Manufacturers are now striving for maximum comfort for the consumer. The picture on the new models is clear, not trembling, as often happened before, in the same 70s of the last century. The viewer's eye is now straining much less, plasma-type devices are noiseless, and the tube device, when working, buzzes, snores, heats up, and the image jumps and so on.

So the rule is FIRST when purchasing a new TV: if finances allow, take a modern model.

Where to watch TV?

There is a GOOD news for TV fans: physicians in different countries of the world have concluded that even long watching TV for an adult is almost safe. True, under some conditions.

- Do not install TV in the bedroom.

I myself often fell asleep under a working TV and it always happens in an uncomfortable position for sleeping. A man is lying down, watching more and more sluggishly at the pictures that are changing on the screen and then bang - falls into a nap. Such a rest is difficult to call a full-fledged rest: an uncomfortable pose, a flickering screen illuminates the face, and the light destroys the sleep hormone melatonin, which, by the way, is also an anti-cancer agent. Therefore give quiet and deep sleep! I confess that removing T In from the bedroom is not easy, but if you do this, sleep will really bring vigor and a sense of relaxation.

- In no case should not watch TV lying!

But we adore him like that! But, unfortunately, in such a case, the neck muscles are strained, the supply of blood to the brain is disturbed, the eye muscle works with tension from the wrong position in front of the screen, myopia develops slowly, and small headaches may even appear. In adults, this occurs in a minimal amount, but with children the situation is different.

- It is necessary for children of T To dose!

In children, the eye is not yet formed, organs and systems have not yet settled, all parts of the body grow. Tension of immature eye muscles during a prolonged "vigil" in front of the screen contributes to the rapid development of myopia, because accommodation is a spasm. So the small children the norm is 3 hours MAXIMUM. You should ensure that the distance to the TV screen was at least 2 meters, and if the house has a large plasma panel, then safely multiply this figure by 2, that is, at least 4 meters. So advise children's ophthalmologists.

TV can harm children not only in terms of physical health. Scenes of violence, terrible news, "dismemberment", erotic on the verge of a foul, mediocre bloody series ... Adults should watch what the child is watching. Therefore, one of the rules for proper handling of the TV says: NO TV in the children's room!

Do not succumb to the entreaties of the child to install him "at least a tiny", but his "box". If you melt and give up, then the vision, the psyche, and the development of the mind of boys and girls are put at risk. But also to deprive children of television completely, too. If we even call them to watch, then in the LIVING ROOM, where the TV is the place and where you see for yourself what and how long the kids are watching.

If there is a TV in the nursery, then the child will no longer be able to read and develop his fantasy. What for? He is given a finished picture on the screen! One should not think out anything, fantasize, compose.

KITCHEN. TV and kitchen things are incompatible

I once rested in Sochi, and we were visiting a local entrepreneur. In the kitchen he always worked TV. The man himself loved to cook food, fry meat, mix cocktails and stuff. And all this to the sound of a working TV. Other family members also looked at the screen in the intervals between meals. Bottom line: extra weight for everyone.

In the kitchen, people eat, cook, and have intimate conversations. TV is not the place! And something is fried, stewed, tried one, the other, sat there again, watched the program. There were even television audience studies and it was proved that those people who watch TV in the kitchen are more likely to be overweight than those who do not combine eating and watching TV.

TV care

The TV is made of plastic, and when it works for a long time, the plastic, which releases all sorts of dirty substances into the room, is also heated. And also that the computer, that the TV is the collectors of dust. When the body is heated, dust flies all over the room, settles on the nasal mucosa, gets into the bronchi, causing allergies. Exit - often wipe the TV from dust with a conventional microfibre cloth, barely wet. For screens, we use special wipes to wipe screens at least once a day.

Summary: I watched a comedy on TV yesterday and laughed till I fell. So, TV can give positive emotions. Remember that TV is not so bad for adults, but children need STRICT restrictions. The optimal placement of the television receiver is the living room, in the bedrooms, there is no place for TVs in the kitchen. Wipe your machine off dust and dirt often. I wish you that your "family member" regardless of its diagonal served for a long time!

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