Summer camp - how to make your child rest without problems?

Of course, you can send a child to the village to the grandmother, but, firstly, not everyone has such an opportunity, and secondly, the child does not always like this rest. It will be more interesting and useful for him to rest in one of the children's camps, the choice of which is very diverse. And here parents first better define the main goal of this holiday, and then discuss with your child options.

If the main wish of the parents is that the child gets the maximum benefit from the holidays, then a trip to an international camp abroad can be an excellent option. The main advantage of such camps is the study of a foreign language in the most natural way: when immersed in the language environment. In this case, the child will not have the feeling of bothering to study. In addition, the camp program is full of sports, excursions and other interesting activities in which he will participate, communicating with peers from different countries and making new friends.

Children's health camps on the sea are also very popular. You can choose the option for every taste and wallet - from the very budget of the Sea of ​​Azov to the more expensive camps in the Mediterranean. At the same time, you need to take care of the voucher and all the necessary documents in advance - references to preventive vaccinations and the individual characteristics of the child, such as allergies, intolerance to any medications, etc. Such a rest will bring the child not only health, but also a lot of positive emotions.

There are also sanatorium-type camps for children with any diseases. In such institutions, the child can heal and strengthen his health under the supervision of professional doctors. For children who are fond of sports, sports camps have been created, which are classified by sports and various sports levels. And there are also specialized camps whose program is built according to interests. Guys are divided into groups according to their hobbies. For them, they organize various thematic events that help them develop artistically, study computers, take photographs, and expand their knowledge of chemistry, physics, and astronomy.

After the place of stay of the child in the summer period is determined, it is time to collect things and carry out the necessary instructions. It is important to protect the child from possible troubles that may lie in wait for him on vacation. And, despite the fact that he will be under the supervision of teachers, some things are better thought out and talk with him in advance. First, it is necessary to make sure that in the camp where the child is going, the sanitary and hygienic standards are properly observed in order to minimize the possibility of food poisoning. Fortunately, such cases are rare, and mostly they occur when children eat something bought outside the camp.

Staying in the camp, unfortunately, sometimes not without injuries. In order to prevent possible abrasions, bruises or even worse sprains and fractures as much as possible, parents should acquaint the child with safety rules as well as traffic rules. Here, the task of an adult should be to nurture a sense of caution and meaningfulness, so that, while performing a particular action, the child will think about the consequences.

Another common problem in children's camps, which should not be forgotten, is head lice. It is transmitted mainly through direct contact - in contact with the hair. And since the guys in the camp communicate closely with each other and spend a lot of time together, it is impossible to prevent infection. The head lice in a child is associated with both physical discomfort (severe skin itching and scratching, which usually occur in places of lice bites) and psychological - almost always the child has a feeling of guilt or shame from the fact that he contracted the disease.

In order that during the summer holidays the child should not face such a problem as pediculosis, the main task of the parents is to convey to him the elementary rules of hygiene. It is important to tell the child that you should use only your own comb and towel, wear only your own hats. But this, unfortunately, does not guarantee the prevention of infection by parasites.

“First of all, before sending a child to a children's camp, parents should definitely talk to him about what pediculosis is. It is important, without frightening him, to explain what lice is, how this disease is transmitted, what are its features and how to get rid of it. And most importantly, to convey to the child that pediculosis is not terrible, absolutely everyone can get it, ” - advises Olga Spiridonova, an employee of the Center for Curative Pedagogy, the expert of the program “Happy childhood without pediculosis”.

Rest in the children's camp, sanatorium, language school is an important stage in the child's growing up, therefore it is important for parents to try to make this trip a special stage in their life, testifying to their independence and responsibility. Then the memories of its outcome, the child will remain only the most light and pleasant.

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