Are there any geniuses in large families?

Twice Nobel Prize winner, physical chemist M. Sklodovskaya-Curie was the fifth child in the family teachers.
Unfading writer A.P. Chekhov was the third of five children in the family merchant.
Leader of the Bolshevik Party, founder of the USSR IN AND. Ulyanov born in the family public school inspectorsin which, besides him, five more children were brought up.
Painter I.E. Repin was the fourth child in the family soldier(?), in which seven children were born.
Nobel laureate, physiologist I.P. Pavlov came from spiritual family in which ten children were born.
Great chemist DI. Mendeleev was the last seventeenth a child in the family court counselor. At 13 he was left without a father. He was put on his feet and sent to science by the mother of M. D. Mendeleev, who became the mistress of a glass factory.
You will laugh. But the superconstructor of small arms M.T. Kalashnikov was also seventeenth child in peasant Altai family. The family was recognized as kulak and repressed by eviction to the Tomsk region.

This is in Russia (USSR), but what about them?

The national hero of the American people, the 16th President of the United States, the liberator of American slaves Abraham Lincoln was the second of five children in a poor family farmer.
The first president of the United States George Washington was the third of five children in the family planter.
Multiplier Walt Disney was the fourth child of five in a family farmer.
Composer Ludwig beethoven was the first of seven children in the family singer.
Composer I.S. Bach was the youngest, eighth child in the family musician.
Unique singer Robertino Loretti was born in poor family with eight children.
Showman Michael Jackson was the seventh of nine children and humiliated in childhood.
Actor Mel Gibson the sixth child of eleven in the family railway worker.
Nobel laureate, physicist Ernest Rutherford was the fourth child of twelve children in the family farmer.
The emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was the second of 13 children in provincial corsican family. Four of his brothers and three sisters who became: Joseph Bonaparte, King of Spain, survived to mature age; Lucien Bonaparte, Prince Canino and Muzignano; Eliza Bonaparte, Grand Duchess of Tuscany; Louis Bonaparte, King of Holland; Polina Bonaparte, Duchess of Guvastally; Caroline Bonaparte, Duchess of Cleves and Jerome Bonaparte, King of Westphalia.
Singer Mireille Mathieu - the first of fourteen brothers and sisters in the family bricklayer.

As you can see, families are different, with different incomes and social status. The reasons for this effect are mainly in the early development of communication and work habits in children from large families. Plus, of course, his majesty the case!

I have five grandchildren, and my daughter has enough money for their very versatile upbringing. God forbid any of them will become a significant person, although this path is very difficult.

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