How to make a robot for the baby? Cork toy

Then the little blackmailer can continue to demonstrate a set of his requirements in any form: from a free concert in a store to an endless roar at home. How to cope with blackmail can be found in the articles of psychologists.

I propose, together with the baby, to make a toy robot. I know that in a similar theme of toys in stores - a dime a dozen. And the fact that children are not surprised by toys now is well known. But this master class has a completely different purpose - educational.

Here, not only is the skill of working with any tools, but also the development of creativity and ingenuity in a child. And you can not discount the fact that your own work is valued more.

Since the master class is called “Making a Robot”, it is mainly focused on a strong part of the population aged 3 to 6 years. But if the little princesses also wish to make themselves a robot, then do not deny the ladies in their desire.

We make a toy, using corks from bottles with drinks. So if you have not yet accumulated them, it's time to start collecting. We will need twenty pieces for this (6 + 6 + 4 + 4). It is more interesting to select colors different, but it is possible and the same. It all depends on the fantasy. Traffic jams are necessary for the arms and legs of the robot.

We also need plastic containers of any shape, these can be various bottles of shampoos, liquid soap or any other things. I took from under the hair gel “Nova” - bellied jars look great in this toy.

Flat and wide cover is also convenient for such crafts. Consider what shape the head of this robot will have in order to match its size. We had a head - a cap from a bottle with liquid soap. We also need a wire, a drill with a thin drill and “Moment” glue.

First, drill a hole in the plastic tubes and connect them with wire. Thus we make the arms and legs of the robot. The difference - for the legs, you need an additional two feet. In this case, you can use 2 larger plugs.

Next, we make holes in the "body" of the toy - where the arms and legs are located, and, stretching the wire inside, we twist. Since we have a lid capacity for the body, which is convenient for opening, there are no problems with working inside the “body”.

After you have set the “headless horseman” to his feet, it remains for him to attach the head. But first think about how and from what you will make the antennas and eyes. For this you can use a thin wire or a twisted helix. For the eyes go blue or red small buttons - we put them on the glue "Moment".

Naturally, the robot is not mechanized. For this you need another level of master class. But such a Martian has an advantage - in a container from a gel that was transparent, we put small toys from Kinder Surprise. It turned out funny and interesting. The robot looked great.

You ask, what exactly is the participation of the child? The answer depends only on you - on how close you are with your baby. But I sincerely hope that working together will make your friendship even tighter.

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