How to get married successfully?

How to get married successfully:

• Marriage requires a sober attitude to yourself, as many couples, intoxicated with their love, do not always adequately evaluate a loved one and their marriage. Women tend to idealize their chosen one. Strange as it may sound, it’s necessary to start a family on a cold head. If you are overwhelmed with emotions and dizzy with love, then it is better to wait when you cool down a bit. Unfortunately for romantics, marriage on love alone will not stand, because people cannot live their whole lives in a state of euphoria from passion.

• When you are going to get married, clearly answer yourself the question “What do you expect from your chosen one and marriage?” If your expectations are not met, then there will be no successful marriage, because frustration destroys the relationship. For example, you dreamed of getting married and pursuing a career. To do this, you have received a higher education, you have ambitions and big plans to be realized in your work. But it turns out that the husband will make a career, and you must be his reliable rear. Your task is to raise children and heat the hearth.

• Before marriage, discuss the little things that young people leave "for later", but in the end it turns out that these are not trivial things. For example, your chosen one likes to play computer games from time to time, you think that this is nonsense, decide the issue after marriage. And when you find yourself with a child in her arms, it turns out that he loves “virtual toys” more than you. It's too late to drink Borjomi.

• Decide for yourself what disadvantages forgive your future husband. Do not expect that the husband will be perfect. It's not without sin. And “re-educating” an adult is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

• You must choose a husband with whom you are each other. "Sustained - love" in our time is not relevant. Rather, "eat" each other, until you issue a divorce.

• When choosing a decent husband, do not forget that a woman should be self-sufficient. You need to always evolve, to be interesting, to fit your half. Many women, having married, relax, believing that the goal is achieved. The operation, codenamed “Get Married”, is completed. This is a big mistake. Marriage will not be successful if the husband loses interest to you.

No matter how cynical it may sound, but, getting married, you need to initially expect what kind of future awaits you. It used to be that it was necessary to marry, when love is the basis of marriage. But now is another time. If before a woman, getting married, was for husbandnow, without a certain calculation, she can stay with the children in her arms. So to say, love has passed, only the ruins remain.

Successfully get married - this means that your family will be what you dreamed about. Someone is close to raising children and waiting for a loved one from work, someone to realize themselves as a specialist. Therefore, a successful marriage, rather, can be called "reasonable expectations." If the marriage is the way you want to create it, then you can boast of a happy marriage.

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