Is the marriage market in Shanghai a commodity alive?

Believe it or not, but in the central park of the most modern Asian city there is a huge Wedding Market, or the Marriage Bazaar, if in Russian. Yesterday, my husband and I still ventured to visit him. Read about our impressions below.

So, the bazaar. The first thing we saw was a fussy crowd, loudly discussing "marriage" affairs in Chinese. Wire ropes are stretched along the trees, on which laminated A4 sheets are fastened with tape or pegs. The sheets are written in bright red font: age, height, weight and salary of the “candidate”. It also includes field, job, education, and interest data. Ads with a photo are more expensive, so they are much smaller. The number of these leaflets per eye is about 1000 per "wall". Most applicants for marriage or marriage have already crossed the 25-year-old frontier and live with their parents. And they, the parents, were the initiators of the organization of this wedding market. By the way, at this bazaar we did not see a single young boy or girl, marriage is the business of adults and experienced ones. The older generation brings with it photographs and “advertises” their son or daughter (and even grandchildren), standing all day around leaflets with the announcement.

There are, of course, inexpensive ad options - without lamination and without a red font (and they certainly increase demand!). Everywhere there are such small shops, where for 2−3 euros you will print a leaflet for every taste.

We looked through a few ads and on one at all we saw a pretty young girl (84 years old) in a ... wedding dress! “Come on, from her last wedding photo,” said my husband. “Maybe even from last year ...”, I thought. But I was distracted, a Chinese matchmaker had already swum up to his beloved. “Nii-haaao,” she sang sweetly, looking into his eyes like a mother gypsy. I immediately take his hand - just try to come! And in general, in this market everyone has such a look ... estimating - how many years, what salary, has a tourist come or has come? That and look, fit.

That's how people get married here in Shanghai. Why all? Because the policy of “one child” has given rise to a whole generation of spoiled egoists (the only grandchildren and children on both sides) who are confident of their superiority. The indigenous people of Shanghai speak openly: they say, we are the highest nation, all the other Chinese are no match for us, and it’s better to be lonely (th) than with an unworthy one. And they sit on the neck of their relatives for up to 30 years or more.

As a result of this upbringing, these children are absolutely unable to communicate normally, they are used to the fact that they all run on their hind legs in front of them. What to say about marriage - in the vocabulary of these people are completely absent the words “responsibility”, “help” and “mutual respect”. One of my former employees at the age of 32 has a pink room in the Hello Kitty style, full of toys and sweets. A pretty woman like that, but very arrogant and infantile. From her men just shied away, so down she looked at everyone. Her parents have been trying to marry her like this for how many years, through this market. No one takes, or she takes.

Maybe “thanks to” such a market, in Shanghai the level of divorces almost exceeds the level of weddings. After all, if a wedding here is like a bargain, then I think feelings are not for sale. Love is priceless, and if it is not, then the price is worthless for such a union. Right?

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