Should I have an abortion?

Let's try, without identifying ourselves to any of the parties, to consider the issue objectively.

1. Most of the women facing an abortion or childbirth dilemma did not regret if they made a choice in favor of the child. Many people say with joy, “how well that did not make a mistake.”

2. The main part of women who decided to have an abortion went on such a step due to instability. There is always a glass of milk for a child, but how to give him an education, an apartment? People exhausted in the struggle for survival, do not want such a fate to their children, do not want them to live in hopeless poverty. Here abortion acts as a protest against the system.

3. Many women after an abortion experience severe depression. This is due to the fact that the body has already begun restructuring for the birth of a child, and the interruption leads to an imbalance. But if, over time, physiologically, the body returns to normal, then the psychological trauma may last for a lifetime. Some women say that their children often dream of them. One woman said that she often dreamed of a boy who was sitting on the bed, and asked why her mother refused him. Horror ... They regret it all their lives when they realize that they have deprived the life of not a stranger, but their own native.

4. God gave the child - will give to the child. So say the family - opponents of abortion. They tend to create large families and successfully cope with their mission. In large families, children are more adapted to life, accustomed to work and quite successfully find a niche in society. Happy parents say: "Everyone grew up normal people."

5. Some women go for an abortion, because they can not rely on their men, and the prospect that with a small child in their arms they will be incapacitated is very scary. Unfortunately, there are men who do not need children, they are not able to provide for their families normally. Such women have to take responsibility for themselves. Although, who knows, maybe it's a sin for two? After all, a man, by definition, is obliged to create conditions for a woman to give birth and raise children.

6. There are women who do not realize the situation that a small life is created inside them, a little man grows. It seems to them that this is not a living soul, and they go for an abortion without feeling any guilt. This is called “youthful” thoughtlessness.

7. Some have a strong maternal instinct. A woman friend always said that animals protect their offspring to the bitter end. Therefore, learn from them and do not give offense to your child, he relies only on you, on his mother. Give life if you do not mind.

I here in no case act in the role of the righteous. After analyzing the topic of abortion, I came to the following conclusion: neither one nor the other women are either bad or good, some are more likely unhappy. But, for example, believers will under no circumstances go for an abortion, while others are just rational.

No, do not think that they do not like children, that they are child-killers. Having tasted all the complexities of life, they assess the situation. They do not shift the responsibility to God, to the state. They rely only on their own strength.

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