What colors best fit together?

Before proceeding directly to the color combinations, it is necessary to note some rules.

1. One color looks great next to its shades (for example, blue with blue, purple with lilac).

2. Bright colors should not be combined with each other. For bright color, less bright combinations should be selected to avoid disharmony (for example, use bright red with pale yellow, bright green with dark brown). Dark colors with each other will also not be able to create a stylish composition. Try to let one color even if slightly, but interrupt another.

3. There are some colors and their shades, which together should not be used at all: blue with green, red with green and purple, purple with burgundy and blue, orange with yellow.

4. And the last rule: combine cool colors with each other, their shades (blue and pink, for example).

We now turn directly to the combinations of colors and shades. Sorry in advance that not all possible compositions will be disassembled. Thus, I hasten to provide readers with the right to authorship in this topic.

Let's start with white: it combines with any colors. But his "opponent" - black - oddly enough, not every color will do. For example, black with blue will not be able to produce the desired positive effect. Here you should take into account the special requirements: use black with red, with pink, with yellow, with orange, with lilac, with light green (I think you will guess what color it is).

Beige color, like white, will create a pleasant looking composition with almost any shades of purple, and blue, and green, and yellow, and brown. Separately, it would be worthwhile to highlight especially suitable ones: raspberry, peach, gold, lilac, silver. With the help of beige color you can easily hide flaws.

I can not draw your attention to the line, consisting of blue, pink, gray, lilac. Their order of enumeration is not accidental: blue to lilac is not particularly suitable, as well as gray to blue, but blue will look great with pink, and gray with lilac. With a blue and lilac tone they can create a good composition also yellow and orange, with a gray one - peach and turquoise.

Now go straight through the rainbow. Let's start with red. Do not forget that this color is quite bold (especially bright). It does not fit all colors. Among the most successful combinations should be noted black, blue, yellow. For example, the shade of red - burgundy - would look good with gray and beige, and brown - with yellow, with blue.

I would also like to mention the so-called leopard coloring. Black, white, red, brown, blue, violet look good with her.

But back to the rainbow. Among the most successful compositions with an orange color, purple, blue and green tones are worth highlighting.

Next, we will focus on the preferences used with yellow: black, purple, blue, green, red. Light colors are really suitable for many bright colors. But in this case, avoid the following combinations with yellow: pink, blue, lilac and gray shades.

We proceed to the next step of the rainbow - to the green. With this color, use brown, orange, yellow, lime.

About blue, we have already mentioned - we will not repeat. Better on the border of green and blue, let's consider ... for example, turquoise, so common in recent times. It is suitable, respectively, not only blue and green, but also brown, and bronze, and orange, and yellow, and purple.

Now take a closer look at the blue color. It is perfectly suited to the blue (as to its own shade), and to gray, and to red, and to yellow.

With purple, the best combinations will form colors such as pink, orange and yellow.

I wish you successful color combinations and a pleasant pastime in the process of their selection!

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