What to read? Brett Simon: "Little rascal"

This happens often in creative people; here they do, you understand, serious deep things that are worthy of literary laurels, and a simple little book puts out on the crest of national glory, and you become famous thanks not to profound sayings, but to the ridiculous diary of a little rascal in whose name you composed this story.

England is a land of detectives. In no other place there are so many famous writers - masters of a detective genre. The most striking thing is that at the same time here are mostly law-abiding citizens who honor laws and rules. Apparently, in a measured and dignified life there is a lack of acuity and extreme, which readers find in abundant detective novels.

But the metamorphosis that occurred with Brett Simon, an English writer and master of the detective story whose films were shot, surprises even those who are not surprised by anything in this world. And all the reason, as always ... children.

For their sake we live, work and seek fame. For their sake, we try, spin and twist. Not yet born, they are already becoming the center of our universe. It is their “aha” and “let-let” that bring us affection. The first step, the first pot and the first class become for us a whole era.

From their birth to the end of their days, we live with childish joys and sorrows. We rejoice in the success of our children and grab the pills, even when the child has gray hair on his temples, and his children go to school. After all, for us, he is always a child.

But how often do we think about what is going on in the head of this prankster, who looks with an innocent look, pondering another venture. Brett Simon's two books are incredible, humorous revelations of a child from the beginning of his birth.

The first book is called "Confession of a little wicked." The baby has just been born after a difficult birth, and what awaits him in gratitude for the torment? “In the most disrespectful way, I was turned upside down and slapped on the ass.”. Grotesque and humor, sometimes turning into sarcasm, when talking about the relationship of parents with grandparents.

Every day brings a new victory, be it the first rattle in your hand or a walk with your mother to the clinic. After all, it was weighed and measured. And the other moms looked at him with admiration. We met with a neighbor. The kid diligently portrayed the expression, exactly like Mommy's, but he received a reward - spilled dad. But why tried something?

The book reads easily, in the same breath, although everything seems to have been familiar for a long time. And the war of a child with a cat, and any tricks of mummies to feed the unbearable child, and sleepless nights, and the fatherly "May he ever shut up." Through this passed many generations. Nevertheless, every time everyone with a bated breath everyone expects another miracle - the birth of a baby. Life goes on!

The second book is called “Oh, who is coming!” One can even say that he no longer goes, but runs. The second year is a kid - and how many opportunities open up before him, from which parents have hair on end, and arms and legs are shaking with excitement. What tempting horizons open in front of the little rascal: that there are only one sockets, and hot irons and pans ... Hey, parents! Take care. Do you still have open cabinets and not broken dishes? Well, then we go to you.

What is in the head of this innocent creature, when it smiles gently at you, and immediately grabs your hair, tugs at it painfully? And which of us did not seem: the child is still only a year and a half, but he already understands everything.

After all, often, even before another prank, he looks at you, checking for reactions: can or cannot be? Yeah, you can not! So you can! This is a test for children, and for us, adults, “the scoundrel mocks.” The cunning ideas of the kid continue, his new discoveries in the development of the conquered territories are touching and direct.

It is very difficult to write a book about children. It is about children, not a children's book. Speaking on behalf of the baby and not go on lisping, but at the same time, to be funny - not an easy task. The writer coped with it perfectly. Incredible popularity of the book - proof of that.

Books smart and serious about raising children a lot. Methods, didactics, theories, psychology ... The world is overflowing with the advice of psychologists, psychotherapists and others like them. Everyone knows and everyone teaches: how, what and why. Everywhere classification: by type, color, race, sex. Everything is laid out on the shelves; you do not have time to sneeze - yet there is one who determines by sneeze what type you are.

And sometimes you want to read something light and funny, like books like Brett Simon ...

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