What to wear on September 1? New form from couturier!

In the excitement, hastily put on for the first time a school uniform, pressed by her caring hands. (And as soon as she managed to do everything?) A bunch of flowers in her hands, a shiver inside - your school of life begins. Everywhere is white. Girls with bows and white apron, like a gymnasium student from the last century.

There are no aprons: guipure, silk, decorated with lace - a competition of aprons. To us, boys, it was easier: a jacket and trousers. All the same in form, but which are different in content. School uniform, I remember you only with warmth. They say you're coming back, for how long?

How many disputes have been in recent times about whether children need a uniform. How many copies were broken because of such seemingly trifles. Democracy in the country began with the destruction of order, not only state, but also in the minds of people.

How happy the children of such anarchy! The long-awaited freedom: what I want - that's what I go. So it was. In what they wanted, they came to the school. Saggingly pulling on clothes, sometimes ironed - it will come down like that. Yesterday I was driving football, not to ironing.

Thanks to the Chinese business, dressed children in multi-colored consumer goods. Domestic light industry at the dawn of perestroika, and then in the dashing 90s, ordered to live long. Sad and funny, but saved by the hardworking Chinese people. Even now we have something to hide, in many respects we use products from China.

And only a test of time showed how unreasonable the idea was to refuse a single school uniform. When in the classroom some of the children were dressed, as they say, in decent clothes, and some in fashionable clothes from behind the hill, which was available for them, as the local market around the corner.

There were those who came to the Chinese multi-colored pajamas. Why were they considered summer sets? Everything was. The division into classes, but not school, happened quickly. You bourgeois, and who am I? The realization that you are not like that comes very early. But in children everything is hypertrophied and more acute.

How to explain to small things that not everyone can afford to dress smartly, live in palaces, ride expensive cars. How to explain that you are a competent and intelligent specialist, but not a businessman. Explain and not lose the respect of the child - that you do not have a business acumen.

School life is a model of adult life, where the processes of the same formation take place. It is also a society, only on a small scale: leaders and followers, statuses and labels - everything is there. And the clothes in it have considerable value - meet on clothes. Russian proverbs invented by smart people.

The teachers, the school administration certainly understood that the abolition of the school uniform was not a democracy, but permissiveness. And in some schools began to introduce their unofficial rules for school clothes. Which not everyone liked, especially lovers of freemen. But some order was still imposed.

Common sense or the dictates of time, but the question is still solved at the legislative level. The draft law on the introduction of school uniforms has already been proposed. And as officials say, the school uniform will legitimately return to Russian schools by September of this year.

But some questions still remain unresolved: prices for school uniforms, and it will also be mandatory for all students or only for primary school children.

It is known that Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion House is engaged in the development of school uniforms. Fashion designer on his own initiative began this work. And in the summer the form will be sold in retail. But the prices? Everyone is interested in prices, whether all parents will be able to pay for school clothes.

Will there be subsidies for the poor? While these questions remain open. There are concerns that the Chinese people would not have to take on the mass tailoring of cheap Russian school uniforms. We will live until September, we will see ...

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