How to cope with postpartum depression?

This is where the so-called postpartum depression begins, which is sometimes difficult to cope with. What darkens the joy of motherhood and how to deal with a bad mood?

First of all, the newly-made mother is afraid of her appearance. Of course, there are such lucky women who, right after giving birth, can safely put on their old jeans, but unfortunately there are few of them. Of course, an ugly figure starts to worry a lot, because you no longer feel attractive. What to do in this situation? First of all, you need to understand that now you can not go on a diet, especially if you are breastfeeding. Although here it should be remembered that there is no need to eat for two. Engage in gymnastics, which can be easily performed even at home when the baby is asleep, or on the playground while you are walking with your child.

In addition to the need to lose those extra pounds, you should look at your appearance and properly care for her. Remember how you looked before? Impeccable manicure, beautiful makeup, styling. Today, you only have time to wash and brush your teeth, and even then not always. How to help in this situation? Sit down and think, really you do not have enough time for yourself or just lazy to have to take care of your appearance? There are always five minutes to make beautiful nails that will not interfere with your daily life. Hairstyle, of course, more difficult, but here you can ask your hairdresser what style requires the least care and attention.

No less important cause of postpartum depression is constant physical fatigue. Constant care for the child is exhausting and deprives of his last strength. Such a load falls on the female body, which is often too hard to cope with, and then the baby also cries and does not want to fall asleep. What to do in this case? As a rule, if the child does not hurt anything, but he begins to be capricious, it means that he needs increased attention. But what if you literally fall out of your feet? You can, of course, give the baby to the grandmother’s caring hands, but if there is no such possibility, put him in your bed and sleep with him. So you relax a bit, and the child will sleep.

Another cause of depression can be a feeling of guilt, because quite often, especially in moments of fatigue and irritation, mothers visit the idea that they are in a hurry with pregnancy. And this, as a rule, develops into a feeling of guilt later. The main thing in this case is to calm down, because there is nothing criminal in the fact that you feel bad. It is very important to establish emotional and emotional balance, because by shouting you can make it even worse.

And try at least sometimes to give the baby in the caring hands of grandparents. After all, to feel all the joy of motherhood, you sometimes need to relax from it.

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