How to occupy a child?

Drawing. You can draw anything with paints, pencils, colored decoy, salt, crayons, etc. The main thing is that the child is interested.

Applications. Here, as in drawing, the flight of fantasy is not limited. Colored paper, glue and all sorts of available materials - fabric, leather, dried leaves and flowers - will help you create masterpieces with your baby. The main thing to remember about security and not to give the child in the hands of sharp objects.

Summer memories. In the summer, we all go to the sea, on a river or lake, relax and sunbathe. And in the winter we plan where to go next summer. All kids love to collect shells and sea pebbles. If the parents did not consider these “treasures” to be rubbish, then they could turn out wonderful things to decorate the house. For example, from stones you can make a rug in the bathroom or hallway. From seashells and sea sand - the panel decorated with decorative starfishes or home-made small fishes. And you can glue them to the pot. Larger stones can be painted, varnished and put in the garden or in the country.

Outdoor games. In the course can go all the sports "shells" that are available in the house - balls, rackets, children's tent, bicycle and even soft toys.

Carton boxes. Irreplaceable material in children's games. Together with the child, many useful things can be made from them - a kitchen for a girl, a garage for the cars of the future “racer” or furniture for dolls. And from the boxes of the same size you can build a chest of drawers for toys. Paint each box in different colors and sign it. And the baby joy, and mother happiness.

DIY toys. They can be made from everything - pieces of cloth, socks, and even an old terry towel. Bunnies, bears, pups and dogs will certainly delight your child.

Building plaster. Need molds for sandbox or silicone, for baking. In general, for this type of creativity fit all available in the house capacity. Gypsum stiffens very quickly. Figures from it can be painted with any colors, and then varnished. Exclusive crafts will decorate your home and update the interior.

And where without the “old, kind” plasticine! Cities, castles, forests and fabulous meadows - all this can make your child with their own hands. Surely every child has a wonderful set of small animals. They will be able to become the happy owners of a new house in the forest clearing.

Mother's helper. You can make dinner or bake cookies with your baby. The child will help to wash the vegetables, knead the dough (no decent child will definitely refuse to do this), cut the figurines out of it, wash the dishes and salt the food.

In general, I don’t really understand my girlfriend, who constantly complains that she can’t do anything around the house with a child. Indeed, from mischievous and restless the baby can turn into an indispensable assistant or quite plodding artist. Dream together!



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