How do we want to see your child?

However, even the closest people we love have their flaws and weaknesses. But love is precisely the ability to forgive. Our relatives are our children. We wish them well, forgive a lot, but constantly worry about how they will grow up ... Wouldn't our child be like those who cause dislike and irritation in us?

Man is not born a rude or criminal. If the formation of a person takes place in adverse conditions, bad features can develop in everyone. There are no bad children, and how a child becomes is largely dependent on us adults. Of course, there is no single recipe for how to raise a child so that he does not grow into a bad adult.

The main thing is to remember that the problems of the child are our problems. After all, they arise not without our participation. Children copy some of our features, actions, words, so before you condemn it, you need to think about it. Some actions are generated by the atmosphere of family life, which for some reason causes a negative reaction in a child.

Many problems of education can be solved without unnecessary emotions. But if parents constantly shout and get annoyed, then these problems can turn into very serious ones and will alarm the whole family for a long time.

However, there are some features that are typical of a certain age. Most of the psychological problems that adults face are similar to childhood illnesses. They still need to get sick in childhood. Children, making bad deeds and making the appropriate conclusions, receive a kind of inoculation. Getting into such situations in adulthood, they already know what this will lead to and how best to proceed.

Therefore, we must be very attentive to the upbringing of the child. Education is a constant balancing between forgiveness and rigor, aimed at the joint solution of his problems.

It is very important for every family to have unshakable principles. But if we just urge the child to comply with them, then we are unlikely to succeed.

There is nothing wrong with trying to teach a child to behave in a certain way. But children get used to our words and eventually stop noticing them. Principles of behavior impart mainly personal example. It is necessary, step by step, with perseverance and conviction to strive for these principles to become second nature. You must be patient, because children live in an environment where some principles are generally ignored, for example, in school, among friends.

So, bringing up the principle of kindness in the family, we must be prepared for the fact that on the street the child sees a lot of cruelty. But if we want the child to grow up kind, we need to instill kindness over and over again using a personal example.

It is very important not to hide your beliefs and principles from the child, otherwise the child may perceive as his own other ideas, less noble than ours. Other people can resort to effective means in front of which our child will be defenseless if we have not given him immunity to them.

Changes are taking place in society, this complicates the relations of parents with children, children have requests that are not always easy to understand and share. But parents should make every effort to take the child and direct its development in the right direction.

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