How to develop creativity in the child? Secrets of the popularity of albums Tarot Gomi

So when I first picked up albums Taro gomiI was absolutely delighted! Who is this mysterious Taro Gomi?

This is a Japanese illustrator and author of children's books. He has more than 400 in total! He has won numerous awards in the field of children's literature. But above all, Taro Gomi is known as the author of unusual albums for the development of creativity, which he invented 20 years ago.

What is their idea? In these albums, the child is invited to complete the drawing that the author began. Each page has:

1) the question, task or beginning of the story that needs to be continued;
2) drawing- "basis" of the author, which must be painted;
3) a large space for your own drawing.

All ingenious is simple! The child does not need to wrestle with what to portray on a clean sheet. The author gives him a "clue" and pushes him to start fantasizing and inventing stories on various topics. And Taro Gomi does it very well. His drawings are made in a unique children's manner, so the child is not at all difficult to continue. He has no fear of a clear even outline of an adult illustration, and he boldly joins the game.

Child psychologist Ksenia Orlova believes that through the creation of scenes the child will be able to throw out the emotions that sit inside him, not finding a way out: draw what he wants, what he fears, what he is interested in. And attentive parents can at the same time find out what the child has in mind.

For example, answering the question “What does the cock want to say?”, The child will draw what he would like to say himself, but did not say, since he was not asked. Drawing on the theme “What color is the chameleon now?”, The child with the language of colors will tell you about his mood now. And what about the page "The snake has its own opinion"! Children do not often have the opportunity to express their opinions, right? Or the offer “Make vegetables tasty”? This is a direct challenge to the child: "Do not like vegetables - so make them tasty, because you yourself are the blacksmith of your own happiness!"

Draw in albums Tarot Gomi need the whole family! And for your child your participation in the fascinating drawing process will be very useful and irreplaceable. Parents are the greatest wizards for their children. You have a great opportunity to get to know your child better! Discuss his drawings with him. It is also great to raise the self-esteem of a small artist, each time praising him for his masterpieces. Do not criticize the plot of the picture, on the contrary, approve any manifestation of the initiative. By the way, from the drawings selected by the child himself, you can make a home exhibition by decorating it on a wall, for example, in a nursery.

Spend more time with the kids. Co-creation will help improve understanding in your family!

Watch the video: A Japanese Method to Develop Creativity in Kids (March 2020).


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