When to start preparing for school?

Such are all modern children. And the school in recent decades is not the same as it was before. But I can say with confidence that the question “How good to go to school?” Was relevant at all times.

School is not a holiday home. And how we prepare our children for it, depends not only on further studies, but also their whole life.

So what do we, as adults, need to do so that the teaching from the first days does not turn into anguish? What needs to be done so that the children want to go to school and want to study?

Once I asked my son a question:
- Do you want to go to school?
He nodded affirmatively.
- And what will you do there? - asked, noticing that the child was thinking.
“It's clear to play with the older guys,” he answered quickly.

After this conversation, it became clear that my boy was psychologically not ready for school. A few days later I returned to this topic and asked:
- Do you want to learn a lot of new things? Learn to quickly read and write? Become a smart and educated person?
- I want a little bit. But I want to fly more by plane.

It was a clue to the beginning of the first serious conversation, and I took advantage of it.
- Do you know that in order to become a pilot, you need to study a lot and in school?
- and all? - he asked. - After school, I can immediately become a pilot?

- Well, what are you? At school, you will receive only the first knowledge, but they will lead you to another school - the highest, and there they will already teach you how to fly a plane. Only for this you first need to study the device of the aircraft, learn how to read maps and study many other subjects.
- Why other items? - I do not understand son. - I only need a plane.

I had to explain that the pilot did not just sit at the helm, that he was still responsible for his life and the lives of other people. You can only entrust this serious business to a good specialist.

I saw that my son was thinking. We returned several times to talking about school, and somehow I offered to play it. The children diligently seated on the toy mat. I wanted everything to be in a game form. Lost in thought, she took a big doll in her hands and asked how we call her?
“Malvina,” the daughter prompted. - Once we play school, let it be a teacher. I remember how she taught to write Pinocchio.

I did not even expect such a hint from a child. But she quickly jumped at her and, with the help of a doll, told the children that the school had its own rules, and they must be followed. This is something without which you should not go to school. So we started playing games. We learned to sit at the desk properly, clearly answer at the lesson and even ask to use the toilet (this is a well-known complex for children). And then together they invented games for recess.

Every day I was doing something new with my children. We drew, sculpted, composed and thought out the words on the cards, solved problems with apples and other fruits and vegetables. Mastery figures from the designer. They read little tales and discussed instructive plots from the book “The Bible for Kids”. True, at that time I was unemployed, so I had enough time to play with the children. But on the other hand, no nanny was able to give my children what I gave them. It was a start for the future.

And the children quickly got used to it and every day they themselves looked forward to the next game of school, where everything was like in the present. We conducted lessons, arranged breaks, and the kids especially liked the school bell. They called him one at a time, reporting the end of the lesson.

A little later, I decided to give them simple homework. For example, to draw a house from squares and triangles. From the sticks - the fence, and from the circles - the sun and vegetables in the garden.

My main desire was to teach children to be independent, to make them think and develop ingenuity.

This fall, the son will go to a real school. Work days are ahead, but for some reason I am sure that he will have a desire not only to go there, but also to learn. The daughter will meet with the real school only after a year, but psychologically she is ready for it.

Watch the video: mentally preparing for school when it is still summer (March 2020).


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