What are the mother-in-law?


As a rule, this is a single mother and a son for her - the only joy. Any girl who has appeared in the life of her son will be perceived as a rival encroaching on the most expensive. It is simply impossible to please her, because the standard is herself. Conflict with it is useless, it will not bring anything good. Neither will it be possible to change such a mother-in-law, nor to achieve her favor. In this situation, it all depends on the man. Or all he can do is admit that you have ironed your shirt no worse than your mother. Or he will finally get tired of being a mama's son.

Forever young

Not a bad option. An attractive woman who watches herself and is a success with gentlemen. She would never think of being jealous of her son, because she has the most active personal life. True, the prospect of becoming a grandmother may not please her. Sons of such mothers usually become ideal husbands: undemanding, accustomed to the cult of women in the family. Making friends with such a mom is not difficult. Do not skimp on compliments, find common topics for conversations. Just do not try to overshadow her with her outfits - here she definitely does not tolerate competition.


She is confident that the wife is the modest shadow of the husband, doomed to sacrifice. The world for her is painted in gray tones: she has no luck with her work, she did not work out in her personal life, others do not understand. She will look for negative moments in your life. After all, a happy family life without quarrels and difficulties for it does not exist. Do not blame her. Help this woman paint her life. Give her a holiday trip, buy a dog, or, eventually, marry. And do not be afraid to contact her for advice. In a difficult moment, mother-in-law will help you.

Passionate about

The role of the housewife is clearly not for her. This woman loves her work and is completely given to her. She will happily pass on all the responsibilities of caring for her son to you, and maybe even her. This mother-in-law does not dream about the role of a grandmother, is not very interested in her grandchildren, but does not interfere in your family life either. To earn the trust of such mother-in-law is easy. Be interested in her work and listen to her stories with genuine interest.


Mom knows everything better. The last word is hers, like the first and second ... The rest do not have the right to vote at all. Of course, you can express your thoughts, but they are in any case wrong. And the point. Get ready for the flow of accusations, morals, orders. Girls accustomed to strict discipline and brought up in the style of eastern obedience, put up with such a relative. But if you are not ready to give up independence, try to see your “beloved” mother-in-law only on holidays.

Mother hen

You could say perfect. This woman is a model of the true keeper of the hearth: a caring mother, understanding mother-in-law, a kind grandmother. The bride becomes her daughter. Delicious dinners, perfect cleanliness, well-groomed grandchildren - everything falls on her fragile shoulders. But at the same time there is a danger of falling into dependence on the mother-in-law: you will have to constantly listen to her advice, and the husband risks not to flutter from under her mother's wing.

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