How to make children's drawings? Vernissage for kalyaka-malaki

Such an important moment should be remembered. Time goes by - and now the walls are painted as a memento, and it’s good if only with a pencil ... A young artist tries to paint colors for taste and color.

Oh, how delicious these wall paints are - jam, watermelon, yogurt make wallpapers unique: an exclusive, which for some reason does not please mom and dad. And it begins: “A-ta-ta! It’s impossible, it’s impossible, mischievous naughty boy! ”The walls are washed, the children's handles are smeared, delicious paints are selected.

Lesson learned - No way! If he himself could say: you can! need to! The first stone on the way to creativity - expensive wallpaper, cabinets and cute parents. Sorry for the wall? Do not regret. Give creative freedom, talent will grow - you will return a hundredfold.

Not everyone is born artists? Let me disagree. The child is initially already talented, all the rest is the education and patience of his parents. So what to do? How to find a compromise between the desire to preserve the purity of the walls and not hurt this miracle with a smeared face.

Let's try to solve the problem. For preschoolers and elementary school children, a huge selection of children's furniture of various designs and colors is now being offered. The only problem is to find a place for this furniture, if the area of ​​the apartment is less than we would like.

An obligatory element in children's sets is a place to study (a desk and a wardrobe-bureau), where you can arrange all the accessories for creativity on the shelves. A drawings folded in the drawers. Convenient, but not interesting.

Children love clarity: the sea is blue, and dad is strong, and mom is beautiful. Drawings with dad and mom painted can not be removed in the far corner, the more discarded! This is the world of a child in miniature. For a child, parents' praise and assessment of his work is important.

For the best work that you select with him, arrange opening day. The exhibition will turn out, if you stretch a thick fishing line from one wall to another, you can thin twine. Pictures, applications, fastened with bright clothespins, will fill you with pride in young talent.

Do not throw away drawers from old cabinets. Having painted them in different colors and having strengthened on a wall, you will make unique design for a children's corner. It turns out the shelves, and in them, gluing decorative hooks, you can hang crafts and place the work of the child.

A child of 5–6 years old can already assist you in the design of drawings, do not refuse his help. If you can not buy baguettes for pictures, you can use to frame the box of candy. Only it is advisable to take not too bright. After all, you should focus on the very children's drawing. How to make a pattern - can be found on the Internet.

Interesting options for the design of drawings - and figures made of plywood or cardboard. For example, trailers, painted in different colors, are mounted on the walls with a certain gap, and between them the fishing line is stretched, on which the drawings are hung.

And the wall is framed, and the child is happy. The main thing - everything in the form of a game. Design options are many: birds on the wire, a tree with leaves, a gnome's house with windows, pictures. There is no limit to fantasy. But it happens that the work has accumulated Nemer, what to do in this case? The best way out is to photograph pictures and create an album: electronically or in-kind from photographs.

The kid is growing, his drawings are becoming more interesting and colorful. It is worth thinking about making the best works into beautiful baguettes under glass. This wealth is not ashamed to be placed in other rooms as a decorative element of the interior. And the child is nice, and guests will not be left without attention.

When to remove these works in the far box? The most difficult question for parents. The answer to this will give your child - when he feels an adult. But an amazing paradox: then you yourself do not want to remove these drawings and works. In them, and your life.


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