How to lay the laminate with their own hands?

I want to draw attention to the fact that it will not be very convenient for one person to lay laminate, it is better to do it together. First you need to choose the color of the material and determine its class, then determine how much laminate will be needed for the room in which you decide to stack it.

We should know that there are 10 laminated boards in one pack, they are designed for two square meters. So if you have a room, suppose 12 m2, then you will need six packs of laminate, but, as a rule, it is better to take with a margin. To be honest, experience shows that an extra pack will never be exactly superfluous.

At the initial stage it is necessary to prepare the foundation as thoroughly as possible. For laying laminate enough that you had the floor without bumps and drops. You can even put laminate on old linoleum, as long as it is even.

For laying you will need: a roll of polyethylene foam (substrate under the laminate), jigsaw, tape measure and a pencil, as well as a rubber mallet.

If you think that doing all this quickly and easily, you are deeply mistaken. For those who are first engaged in laying laminate, it is not such a simple procedure.

Laminate boards are fastened to each other from four sides according to the principle “tongue and groove” and tightly fitted to each other with a hammer. You can start from any side of the room, but it is recommended to do it perpendicular to the window, so that the joints between the boards are as little as possible visible.

So, stretch the substrate along the wall (one row, do not need more, as this will interfere with laying the remaining lines). Now lay out the laminate stripes along the wall, fastening between each other with the end sides.

To ensure a tight fit with the hammer, additionally use a wooden plank so as not to damage the ends of the laminate with a hammer.

The end of the first board, to which you push all the rest, abuts against the wall. At the end we cut the last board to the desired size. After laying out the entire length, insert the wooden wedge and firmly press the line against the wall. For wedges, trimming can be used.

The next row should begin to collect from the board, previously cut in half. Laminate in the future stacked in a checkerboard pattern, which looks prettier and more original, this is the first, and the second - in this order, the coating has a higher resistance to stress, it is less “walking”.

So, you have collected the second lane, now together with your partner, take it all completely and insert it into the groove to the strip that is already pressed to the wall at an angle of 20 degrees. Press tightly and lightly press the top. Your strip should fit tightly into the groove of the other strip. Each time you will get better and better. If there is still a gap between the stripes, modify it with a slat and a hammer.

On the same principle, fold all the lines in the room, do not forget to just insert the pegs between the wall and the laminate, this gap should be about 10 mm. I don’t need to explain how to get around various obstacles - a jigsaw will solve these problems.

Well, that's all. I hope everything was clear, and it helped you. Ask questions.

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