The baby does not sleep well. How to help him?

Excessive irritability, capriciousness and short temper appear in his behavior. And no longer recognize a tender boy or a cheerful girl in a crybaby or an uncontrollable little tyrant, although parents do not always associate a drastic change in the behavior of a child with a simple sleep disorder.

And this happens for several reasons: lack of daytime sleep, mobile noisy or computer games, watching TV in the evening and even late water procedures. All this separately, but even worse, if taken together, contributes to the overexcitement of the nervous system. So it turns out children's insomnia. A strange phrase. But even if we exclude these external points of impact on the baby, we note that the signs of anxiety have not passed. The vagaries remain, and the child does not want to fall asleep himself in the crib or requires the presence of someone from the family in the room.

What is the reason now? Yes, whatever. For example, in violation of the regime of the day. New impressions after visiting a kindergarten or going to visit a friend. Scary movies on TV or stories told by some of the older ones. Or maybe children are just afraid of the dark or they are tormented by nightmares? And as a result - the refusal to go to bed. But still happens, the child does not want to go to bed and falls asleep only in the parents' bed. All these reasons can be called a violation of the normal sleep of the child.

But not all sleep disorders need treatment. If we are talking about a disease, then this issue should be addressed by specialists. In all other cases, parents should show attention and care for their baby.

Why not talk to the child in the afternoon about the reason for his fears? Calm, caress and in no case ask about what he dreamed at night or dreamed of in the dark. No need to force the baby to relive the unpleasant moments. From this conversation it will be clear what is causing the problem.

There are several general rules for a good baby sleep:

Children who have difficulty falling asleep need to be put to bed at the same time.

The bed should be placed in the most protected from irritating factors, away from the TV and computer.

Refuse visits from later guests.

Eliminate noise and bright light in the child's room.

Do not forget to ventilate the room well.

Evening bedtime is a sacred family ritual and must be observed. And mother should not go on about whims, excuses and requests. If it's time to sleep, then so be it. But it is impossible to scold a child for not sleeping. And it is absolutely unacceptable to punish children, threatening to send them to bed for some kind of offense or bad behavior. This can cause persistent insomnia.

Children who are under stress are more often subject to night fears, and this is bad for their mental health, which can eventually cause emotional distress.

Sleeping in a baby should cause pleasant sensations: a familiar lullaby or a fairy tale before bedtime, the warm hand of a mother. Attention, kindness and caress will help you with your child to overcome all the problems. And the child’s confidence in complete security and safety will bring him peace, and all that remains is to whisper to him, asleep, in his ear: "Good night."

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