What is the best way to arrange a children's room? Amateur look

Let's talk about the children's room. How to equip it the most functional, least wasteful. Let us rejoice in those who can change not only children's furniture at the speed of light, but also houses and palaces. We will not take the bread from the designers of apartments, furniture and others like them - we do not set such a goal.

Design design children's room is now a great many. And furniture in stores for all tastes and wallets. But do not rush to the shops. It is worth considering all the options, from the design and colors to how many years you expect to buy this furniture.

Basically it is assumed for four to five years. A good option, if everything is stable in the country and you have no problems with work. And the second - for the second child you will have a second nursery. For example, in America, this is most likely a standard, in our own country for now — fantastic.

It happens that mister force majeure interferes in our life plans, everyone’s circumstances are different, and we don’t get bored of changing the furniture in the children's room. And the child grows, and now the pleasing with its brightness and unusualness becomes too small for the young accelerate, and the table has grown over twice. Yes, and the colors of the furniture he does not like: "I'm not a child."

So maybe a little predict a similar alignment and buy furniture in this design, where you can vary the width and height. Or replace some parts. And for this it is better to choose furniture without pictures, calm tones. There are many options - from white to natural wood color. The blue, green and purple colors in the finish look just as good.

In the children's room, focus on the details of the interior: curtains, walls, carpet on the floor. These things can be changed much more often, and it is they who give charm to any interior.

Now in the choice of wallpaper for the walls there are no problems - what you want. Wallpaper for painting are convenient for interior decoration. Several times, without removing the wallpaper itself, you only change the color scheme. Starting with pure white at an early age of children, then change color to another.

They will say to me: after all, this is childish, and it should be colorful. That's right, but do not forget about the design of the walls. On a white background any glued stickers look great - from the sun with flowers to the ships in the sea. Any subject - the flight of your imagination. And easy to replace. Children's drawings in elegant baguettes are also a great option for decorating any walls.

The furniture is comfortable and functional, where, along with closed wardrobes, there are open racks. A variety of toys will make the room brighter and more elegant. At an older age, instead of toys, a teenager will arrange his favorite CDs, gadgets, consoles, and headphones.

We should not forget about the sporting achievements of the child. Balls, hoops and other sports equipment perfectly complement the children's room.

The walls of Sweden have both admirers and critics. To arrange or not in the children's similar sports complex - at your discretion. It is worth noting that this is mainly for babies 3-5 years old. And if the second athlete is not expected, then such sports equipment will soon have to be removed.

Curtains - Klondike for interior decoration. Various colors, shapes, materials. You don't even need heavy expensive curtains, rather tasty pickled calico curtains, Italian multicolored blinds are also good if the room is sunny.

Let's not forget about the lamps, table lamps, which also decorate the interior of the nursery, adding special paints to it. Inflatable chairs, padded stools - diversify the children's room.

Add or change details - and the room will look different every time. Well, the money saved will go to the second nursery.


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