What if the husband is a tyrant?

“And I slouch, and is thick, badly dressed and made up, there is a straw on my head, a belly is hanging, I can't cook, toys are scattered around the house ... In general, a lot of flaws! And how he lives with me! ”

“My husband resented how a modern person cannot know who Popov is when I confessed that I did not understand the principle of radio waves!”

"He constantly tells me that my mom and I are the same - heartless, greedy beasts who need only money."

"He always had tall girls of model appearance with long hair, and I was small and not thin enough for him ..."

“He says that I, miserable, except him, are not needed by anyone, he married me out of pity ...”

"He constantly makes comments on me, and when I get offended, he answers that he only wants me to become better and cope with my shortcomings."

“Are all of them husbands like that or is it really so imperfect?”

And that is not all! The husband of one lady checked her pulse to find out if she really had an orgasm or pretending! At the same time, a woman who did not hide from forumchanok, which often imitated the peak of pleasure, was concerned that her deception would be revealed, and advised how to behave! Sensitive advice struck even more - “breathe deeper, then the pulse will increase,” and almost no one was outraged that such a deeply intimate process, like an orgasm, could be subject to control and complaints. The cohabitant of the other could open his eyes wide during sex, when the lady was approaching a completely non-illusory orgasm, and loudly declare: “How can I fuck you up for all these years!” - bringing her, the poor one, to the real hysteria!

All this - even without assault - is examples of typical home tyranny. Fashionable psychotherapeutic theories like to savor that, most likely, such a man had a bad, cruel or indifferent mother, whom he now takes revenge on the face of all women, and in particular - he recoups his own wife. Or his mother was beautiful, but beaten by her own husband, who behaved in the same way towards her. But none of these reasons justify the home tyrant. In fact, such behavior towards a woman is the result of his own choice!

Of course, we women are all spoiled by popular pseudo-wisdom concluded in fairy tales about the Princess and the Beast (in the Russian interpretation - “The Scarlet Flower”), which says that “you will be sweet, understanding and kind - and any monster will sooner or later throw off the eerie personage and turn into a prince, exposing his beautiful soul. " I want to disappoint you - and folk tales sometimes lie. But the terrible truth is that it will never, never turn into a prince, and certainly not become a prince, and will not expose it, because there is no such thing as a beautiful soul.

Therefore, if you are already unlucky and you have got such a house tyrant, resist as much as you can! Respond to criticism that you need a husband for admiration, support and joy, and you yourself know your shortcomings. It does not help - do not pay attention to his bad mood, hide money and have your own nest egg (you will agree that there is a serious pressure lever), do not buy common real estate, don’t carry bags of groceries and so on, and most importantly, go about your business. All the same, you will not be good under any circumstances. All the time there is something for which you can be humiliated - uneducated (too intelligent) parents, do not work (you spend too little time with your family), do not look after yourself (only rags are on your mind).

Unable to resist - run. It will not change - and you do not need to spend your only precious life on checking this fact. Moreover, another popular wisdom says that the only way to live well is to immediately go from where it is bad.

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