How to teach children to sew?

"And I do not know how to sew," - the young man was embarrassed. Well, that girls came to the rescue. One of them deftly and quickly sewed epaulet. And I thought that in two years this boy would have to leave his home and live in a foreign city. And if you need to urgently sew a button, detached strap or loop on the coat?

So do you need to teach children to sew? I believe that this skill is necessary for both girls and boys. My sons never go with torn-off buttons or in socks with holes and do not wait for a woman to do this simple work for them.

Now there are a lot of ready-made clothes, but creative moms are trying to dress their baby in such a way that he still differs from other children in original appliqué on a suit or embroidery. Children, seeing mom at work, usually seek to help her. Do not impatiently push the child, explaining that it will not work. Give him a needle and scissors, and let him, under your supervision, learn to sew, knit or embroider. Even preschoolers can be quite successfully taught these skills.

It is not necessary to plant the child for the study of seams, it will seem boring to him and he will quit his job. Give him the opportunity to sew a button on his suit or on his grandmother's robe instead of one that is torn off or lost.

Only a year ago, my six-year-old granddaughter, having come to visit us, asked me for a piece of fabric, a needle, threads and a button. The baby beamed when she sewed a button - one, second, third. Then she showed us that she could embroider a cross and even began to work: a handkerchief with an embroidered pattern, which she was going to give to her mother on March 8. With a envy looked at her cousin, her peer. I gave my grandson everything necessary for teaching sewing, and he had difficulty, but still learned to sew buttons that evening.

Be sure to give the child some practical task that may interest him. It is possible to instill the skills of sewing a five-year-old child in the course of the game, which means that the training will be not only interesting, but also creative.

Every child, regardless of gender, has favorite toys, including soft ones. You can sew clothes for a doll, girls do it with pleasure, and boys can be asked to sew a pad for a teddy bear or something from clothes for a little cub, and even better - sew a tank cover, and at the same time tell you why we need covers for military weapons.

Tailor the child with a simple soft toy. You can trust the child with scissors, and let him cut out some simple parts, and then sew them under your supervision. This job will give him confidence in his own abilities and capabilities, and the grown son or daughter will never be embarrassed by not learning to serve themselves.

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