How to make a gift with your own hands?

What could be better than a gift made by yourself? Perhaps nothing compares to this. A gift with meaning, reflecting the character of the person to whom it is intended, will bring indescribable joy that you cannot buy for any money.

To do something with your own hands, you need not so much. For example, you can make a toy using the technique dry felting wool.

Filtration, or the technique of dry felting wool, attracts with its simplicity, because for its realization you need a little space and only some tools, besides, you can stop at any moment.

Let's see what exactly is needed for the manufacture of toys.

The first thing we need is wool. Most often it is sold combed ribbons. Wool today is offered a variety of colors, so when planning the manufacture of a felted toy fantasy is welcome. To save the inside of the future product can be made of padding polyester - a cheaper material. Often, this is what they do when they roll a general shape from a synthetic winterizer, which is then piled from a non-spun wool.

The second is special needles with notches - special notches, thanks to which they entangle / blend the wool fibers, this is how compaction occurs - the stalling of the wool. It is important to remember that needle felting is very sharp. Punctures must be done carefully so as not to injure. Beating with the scope is not worth it - so you can break the needle. In no case can not keep the workpiece on the weight. You need to start with large-sized needles, and as you seal the product, replace them with thinner ones. Keep the needle strictly perpendicular to the felting plane, otherwise it may get stuck and break.

The third is thick foam sponge, it is necessary in order not to accidentally prick the needle with your fingers or the table on which the future product rests. If you want to make something volumetric using the technique of dry felting, it makes sense to replace a part of the wool with a padding polyester - it is much cheaper. In this case, the basis of the product rolls from the padding polyester, and the shell - from wool. When determining the amount of wool for your crafts, remember that with dry felting, it shrinks by about a third, so the starting material should be larger than the planned size.

And the fourth is accuracy, patience and creativity. You need to start with more simple crafts and toys, over time complicating and adding interesting elements.

After all, surely you have your favorite animated characters, and you would like this hero from a cartoon or film to live next to you or your family and friends. Despite the fact that the stores are already full of toys, handmade toys convey the character of the characters much better, and there will definitely not be two identical ones.

Good luck in making gifts! Please yourself and your loved ones.

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