Is the patchwork family the future of humanity?

According to his predictions, such poorly imaginable things as immortality, replacement of worn-out organs, access to the Internet directly from the brain, computers embedded in a carpet beater and on-board scanners in toothbrushes will become more familiar than mobile phones.

I will not pathetically repeat that “twenty years ago we could not even imagine” and so on. All the same, we almost lost the ability to marvel at the wonders around us, but on the contrary, we experience increasing frustration and irritation, when there is no Wi-Fi everywhere, or that a train ticket ordered via the Internet sometimes has to go to the cashier and communicate with dissatisfied with the life of the cashier.

Of course, the forecasts in this book concerned only science and technology, but I thought that in the near future, the private sphere would also change. Although, as Karl Marx argued in his theory of historical materialism, despite the rapidly changing superstructures (scientific and technological progress, economic development, etc.), the basis - which is precisely the sphere of family and social life - is changing for a long time and tightly.

However, biologists and genetics also indirectly confirm this theory: over the past hundred thousand years the human brain has not changed, and genetically we are all the same cavemen with their inherent fears, small joys, passions and secret desires. In those times, as well as now, the most sociable, the most active individuals that could build and maintain connections, including within the family, survived.

But nevertheless, changes occur. The patriarchal family, where the husband earns, and the wife is occupied with the hearth and children, is replaced by a new type - where both partners are engaged in mining material goods in a more or less equal degree. Despite the wail of many women that they dream of being housewives for their husband to support, in reality they forget that the one who pays is ordering music.

That is, the one who distributes matblag is in a deliberately better situation than the one who humiliates them. At the same time, domestic work - monotonous, senseless and merciless - is not considered as such and is often not appreciated by relatives.

Rescuers of the patriarchal foundations click to call for patience, humility and sacrifice - and for some reason only women. But thanks to progress and common sense, more and more women choose material independence and career instead of serving the hearth and illusory female happiness - and this means that the patriarchal family is gradually becoming a relic of the past, and this is an inevitable process.

The generation of our parents considered it normal to give their grandchildren to grandparents and take care of their young life further, all the more so because of the problems with the living space many families lived in a crowd. Today everything has changed - firstly, young grandparents want to live actively, work and travel, and secondly, parents themselves want to raise their children and be responsible for the result.

At the same time, remember how many of your familiar classmates live with their biological parents - I'm sure there are fewer and fewer of them, because the number of divorces is growing.

Of course, nothing more cementing than a mortgage has yet been invented - I know families when the husband and wife, already divorced, continue to have to live together, raising the child one by one and arranging personal life on the side.

But this is not a very positive example - much better than the other: my friend set a schedule for looking after common children with the ex-wife of her current boyfriend. Take a look around - how many former families are friendly with new families, while quite peacefully! Fewer and fewer women perceive divorce as the collapse of their entire life, but on the contrary, they look to the future with optimism.

Statements like "I will not let a child communicate with his father, otherwise I will have a new husband, and let the child call him dad" cause at least bewilderment of his inadequacy to the current moment. Public pressure on the topic “family is forever” has weakened so long ago, in general, the patriarchal family is dying off. And what comes to replace it?

In the West, researchers are talking about the spread of so-called patchwork families - consisting of just such diverse segments, not necessarily parents, but new spouses of parents, their children from past marriages and new children. Such a scheme of family relations is becoming more and more realistic - and moreover, no one is surprised anymore.

With a sufficient level of intelligence and self-awareness, the patchwork family can live together enough - of course, you need patience to accept new relatives in your circle, but patience and the ability to build connections (remember primitive people?) Is always and in any team. In any case, it is more useful for children than the institute of "Sunday Dads" - when the father, sacrificing his weekends and holidays, appears once a week and does not raise children properly, but only pampers them, leaving all the "dirty work" to the mother.

We summarize all of the above. Do not you think that in fact we are returning to the primitive communal system, when children were brought up together - by all the big tribe? Of course, I exaggerate, but there is something in it, and the changes that occur are not bad or good - they are simply inevitable!

... I will go in advance to enroll in the queue for implantation in the brain of chips, to be among the first, when these chips are invented.

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