What do our children owe us?

Many people know the answer to this question, but everyone has his own. But to explain the child so that he understood, sometimes it is not easy.

The sense of motherhood in girls is manifested as a child in the game of dolls. The girl takes an example from her mother, imitates her. A boy tends to be like his father, adopting his knowledge and skills. Relationships in the family are reflected in the later life of our children, sometimes as in a mirror. And the mirror can be crooked ...

So why did we give birth to them? For love, carelessness, not to be alone in your old age, for someone to continue your work? It was necessary us. We did not ask them: “But would you like to be born?” It’s not funny ...

I think that if you are expecting a return from a child, first think, and what did you give him, except life. And do not be offended if you forget to congratulate you on the holiday, you never know what your children have problems. Think better, how did you yourself treat your elderly parents? If your childhood was hard, in your opinion, and unhappy, then make sure that your children do not recognize such suffering. Unhappy person indifferent to others.

Expect anger from readers. But the question is not easy. It is equivalent to such as "Why live?".

You did not ask him? And they asked me, but I really do not know the right answer. Talk about how to learn, create, create, admire, love and continue the race, a child of 10 years will not be satisfied. If a child asked you such a question, then he is alone in this world. We need to do something urgently so as not to lose it forever.

The thread that connects you to the child does not break with the cutting of the umbilical cord; it remains. But it is so thin and invisible that you can accidentally cut it off with your own hands. And if already an adult son or daughter comes to you for support or just share your thoughts, drop everything, no matter what time of day it is. This is exactly what you need! This is the answer to your reproach: "I am everything to you, and you tell me what?"

And the fact that we together with our children learn the world of the present. We read to them books that in our childhood read to us, we discover for ourselves new works that were previously inaccessible for various reasons. Children return us to our own childhood, we relive resentment, failure, first love, childish happiness of owning a cherished toy. Even summer for us is sometimes a vacation. And we calculate the year not by January, but by September.

The knowledge passed on to us by our parents is combined with our own. We unselfishly share them with our children. Subsequently, new knowledge from them comes to us.

Our children are smarter than us, but not more experienced. How to make our life experience useful for the next generation? It seems to me that everything is very simple - you need to communicate more in a language understandable to each other. And this language needs to be “created” and developed together throughout life.

There is neither Makarenko nor Sukhomlinsky among us. You can learn pedagogy, but being a parent is a very responsible and informed right. And to hope now that the state will grow, and the school will learn, it is not necessary - not those times. This is our task and our work.

And the best part is when your child says to you: “I had a happy childhood.”

Watch the video: Children Do Not "Owe" Their Parents. Yaron Brook (March 2020).


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