Effective time management - what is it?

Probably, we need to stop now and find out: what is happening with us? Why do we live like this: we complain about the transience of life, do not keep up with the change of day and night, regularly get sick with colds, in a word, we needlessly weary our bodies.

How to organize your life in order to feel comfortable and not to overstrain? Oh no, I’m not going to recommend you to sit on someone’s neck, on the contrary, I want to advise you to throw off your neck those who are already sitting on it.

1. Altruism is harmful to health.

Of course, no one forbids you to transfer your grandmother across the road, but to help her carry a heavy trolley up the stairs, provided that it is contraindicated to lift more than 3 kg, you probably should not. Everyone is responsible for the load that he himself shouldered.

2. Divide and conquer

The principle of segregation of duties should, in essence, facilitate the solution of major tasks, breaking them up into many small matters. If you are fed up for the hundredth time one (or one) to make a general cleaning of the house and you want to just relax at the weekend. Consider: who needs this general cleaning? Who except you?

Well, now just distribute the responsibilities of the house among members of your family. Well, so what if you used to do everything yourself and were confident in this brilliant result? Need to trust your loved ones more! And let the first time they do everything is not as perfect as you would like, do not correct and do not criticize. Better praise and feed with pies as a reward. Pets also need to be able to motivate!

3. Non-interference principles apply.

If a friend (or friend) once again complains to you about how hard it is for them to live in this world (you might think that other people have no problems!), Sympathize, sincerely take pity on a person, believe me, except for your sympathy, nothing from them do not.

Do not try to solve other people's problems! Otherwise, your friend (girlfriend) will get used to such a disservice and will continue to come to you for advice.

4. Killing time

Put automatic filters in your email so that all suspicious emails immediately fall into the “spam” or “recycle bin” folder. So you can easily find important letters from colleagues and friends.

If you have friends, talkers who have nothing to do, and they are ready to talk with you on the phone for hours, cut the limit of communication with them to 0.5−1 hour. Ask such people to speak on the merits. If the silence in the tube was delayed, then the first to offer to end the conversation. Otherwise, in the evening you will feel tired and overwhelmed, and the burden of affairs will remain unresolved.

Try not to participate in long discussions in various forums and discussions, for this exciting activity you can completely forget about time.

And now about what it is worth spending your time:

1. To communicate with loved ones and loved ones. Many come home from work tired, and they are not up to communication, I just want to eat and sleep, and that no one bothered. They remind me of bio-robots that eat and live in order to work, and work in order to live and eat.

True, a vicious circle of some kind? What will remain in their memories of their lives? Laugh with your favorite by the fireplace? Walking in the park and playing with children? What do their children see? What conclusions should a child make about adult life? He will think that his mother is more important to work than play with him in the house. That dad needs to rest after a hard work week, and not roll the baby on a sled from a hill.

2. Cause time - fun hour. Spend an hour of your time on your favorite thing, believe me, it's worth it! Whatever hobbies you have, let others around them seem silly and fiddling. If these classes fill you with positive and creative energy - do not regret the time spent on them. And maybe someday your passion will become a matter of your life.

3. Groundhog Day. Get enough sleep Yes, yes, allow yourself to get enough sleep not only on weekends, but also on weekdays, try to go to bed no later than midnight. Otherwise, you will look tired and uncollected, with bruises under your eyes, and after dinner you will be pulled to sleep.

4. Do not forget about your appearance. Your clothes and looks should be given more attention if you want to make a good impression. And no matter where you go - for an interview or just shopping at the nearest store. Just look neat. Many young mothers are so busy with a child that they forget to wash their hair in time.

And even if the day is only 24 hours, sometimes it seems that they are still not enough for all things. Remember, tomorrow will be a new day! Do not try to do everything, sometimes it just is not necessary. Some minor problems will resolve themselves. Part of the cases for various reasons will still have to be postponed for tomorrow or indefinitely.

Ask - and you will come to the aid of relatives and friends.

Watch the video: Tips for Effective Time Management (March 2020).


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