How to care for a premature baby?

Under the thin skin, covered with a soft down, almost no subcutaneous adipose tissue. Due to the fact that subcutaneous adipose tissue has not yet had time to form, these kids very quickly freeze. Their eyes are sensitive to light and cannot focus the view, therefore they are almost always closed.

The kid seems so helpless and weak, but it only seems. This little girl is insanely strong, because every minute and every second she fights for life in our world. The current medicine and doctors have learned how to care for babies, even with a mass of 600 grams. And literally 15 years ago such a premature baby would be called a miscarriage. In this struggle for existence, not only new technologies and the achievements of doctors play an important role, mother's care and love also work wonders.

At first, in the hospital, the baby is given special conditions: this is a special “incubator” box, where a certain temperature and humidity are maintained, and it is possible to artificially ventilate the air in the child’s lungs.

As soon as the baby can breathe on his own, another difficult stage begins for him - to learn how to feed on his own, suck mother’s breast milk. At first, doctors can feed the baby through a tube, and it is better that it be breast milk, and not a mixture (baby food).

Mom decanting every 2−3 hours, extracting valuable droplets of future health and strength for her baby. Stinging is very important during this period, because when the baby can suck, he will already be happy to do it. In about a month or two, the weight of the crumbs will double. Premature babies do not behave very actively at the breast, do not rush him, let him try.

The baby gets used to the new world for him for a long time, so it is very important to create special comfortable conditions for the child:

- The room temperature should be about 22−23 degrees. So the child does not have to spend precious energy for heating (the child must be dressed in natural fabrics, socks are necessary).

- In the cold season, the child can be taken out only at 2 months of age. When it’s freezing cold, it’s better to postpone the walk.

- Massage is very necessary for such a child, it strengthens and relaxes muscles.

- Bathing water should not be below 37 degrees.

- It is necessary to moisturize the skin of the child and the air in the room.

Since your baby was born a little earlier, your child may have problems with digestion. This is colic, discomfort from undigested particles of breast milk, belching can go bad, this causes stomach cramps (this is very painful, the children eat little and cry a lot). You will be helped by a good experienced pediatrician, he will select the necessary beneficial bacteria for your baby.

There may also be allergic reactions to certain products used by the mother, in this case, you need to revise the mother's menu. Prikorm such kiddies, as a rule, recommended later than full-term. In small portions, very carefully and in the morning to follow the reaction to a particular product.

Love, warmth and caress mothers are very important for your baby. Spend with him as much time as possible together, because he is used to being with you 24 hours a day ...

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